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You can find different Amazon vendor central consulting firms providing their services for the B2B marketplace. In this article, you will learn about Amazon Vendor Central and how to get an invite, the differences between Vendor Central and Seller Central, the pros and cons of becoming an Amazon vendor, and multiple other things


Amazon doesn’t have only a single business model to earn money but offers different options. The most popular method is to become a third-party seller and operate within the Amazon ecosystem.

If you want to divert your focus from dealing with multiple sellers and focusing on only a single customer who will sell products for you, then you can concentrate on Amazon Vendor Central..

What is Amazon Vendor Central?

It’s the invite-only platform where you become an Amazon supplier by selling goods directly to Amazon. After getting an invite from Amazon, it will work like this:

  • Amazon places an order with you.
  • You send stock to Amazon.
  • Amazon pays money for the purchase and is responsible for selling these items.

It’s a lucrative option for those sellers who don’t want to deal directly with numerous customers. Still, there are particular challenges that you have to face while operating as an Amazon vendor. Amazon vendor central consulting firms help you to tackle these challenges.

Comparing Amazon Vendor Central and Seller Central

The significant difference between Vendor Central and Seller Central is product selling. In Amazon Vendor Central, you sell directly to Amazon, and they resell your goods. However, in Seller Central, you sell directly to Amazon users.

Let’s compare them in detailed points.

Vendor Central:

  • Only Invitation
  • Selling directly to Amazon
  • Amazon has price control over items
  • Logistical options are fixed
  • You can have more advertising options

Seller Central:

  • Anyone can create an account
  • You are selling directly to customers
  • Control over the product price
  • Logistical options are flexible
  • Advertising options are few

Pros and Cons of Joining Amazon Vendor Central

When starting anything, you might consider its pros and cons to know whether the step will impact you positively or negatively.

Let’s discuss the pros of joining the Amazon vendor central consulting platform:

  • As an Amazon vendor, customers will feel more confident to purchase your products because you get Amazon brand name recognition, which increases customers’ trust and makes it easier to sell products.
  • Amazon marketing services are available for Seller central, while you will receive more perks as Vendor. Resultantly, you can create more robust advertisement campaigns to drive more traffic to your product pages.
  • While operating with Seller central, you are responsible for fulfilling orders, paying taxes, managing inventory, and other business costs. In Vendor central, the process is highly simplified. All you have to do is fulfilling the purchase orders from Amazon. Your job is done after doing this, and you don’t have to worry about sales or other associated costs.
  • Amazon vendors can access different potential programs like Subscribe and Save and Amazon Vine. Access to these potential programs increases your reviews, enhances organic search, and triggers sales.

Now let’s have a look at a few cons of Amazon Vendor Central Consulting:

  • First, vendors don’t have any control over the pricing factors of listed products. Amazon can adjust the price, which can impact your margins.
  • If you cannot meet Amazon logistical guidelines, it can heavily impact your profits. For instance, you must maintain your stock levels and quickly fulfill the orders.
  • As an Amazon vendor, you lose control over your brand as the products are shipped to customers with the Amazon name.
  • It’s a lucrative option to become an Amazon vendor, but it also has significant risks. If you depend on a single buyer of your product, you can be in trouble if Amazon stops purchasing items from you.

Now you know the different pros and cons of the Amazon vendor central platform. It’s not suitable for all sellers but only for those who are manufacturers and wholesalers.

How Can You Join Amazon Vendor Central?

Suppose you think that becoming an Amazon vendor is as easy as Seller central, then you’re mistaken. It’s an invitation-only platform. You can’t apply; you need an invite from Amazon.

Amazon has a vendor recruitment team looking for different brands to sell their products. The criteria of their selection depending on the following elements:

  • High sales on Seller Central
  • Popular products in the marketplace
  • Exhibitors in the trade show with unique and innovative products

If Amazon shows interest in selling your products, you will receive an email from Amazon to join Vendor central. Amazon team will explain to you all the processes you can go through to become Vendor.

Once you agree to the terms and conditions of Amazon, you easily get access to Vendor central, and you can start supplying products to Amazon.

Tips to Become a Successful Amazon Vendor

As an Amazon vendor, you must take constructive steps to boost conversions and discoverability of your products. Here are a few things to follow:

  • To increase your sales, you must ensure that your products are eligible for Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime members are loyal customers who pay around $119 to access different benefits, including fast shipment. When your products become Prime eligible, they reach 126 million US customers ready to purchase, more than the average Amazon buyer. Nearly $1400 are spent by Prime members annually, while non-member pays just $600.
  • Four thousand sales are being made every minute on Amazon; how can you get in this sales bracket? You must master the Amazon SEO (A9 algorithm) to do so. You must use helpful SEO tips to gain favorable organic search ranking results. While doing SEO, include the search terms within the product title, backend keywords, product description, and brand name. As you optimize your listings, you are enhancing product visibility and increasing the chances of appearing on search results.
  • If you say that reviews play a significant role in boosting product sales and getting notified by Amazon, then you are not wrong. A 5-star rating of your products means that the Amazon algorithm will recommend your products to their customers. While shopping on Amazon, if you look at the maximum positive reviews of the product, you feel more confident in buying that product. 56 percent of the customers read at least four reviews before making any purchase.
  • SEO optimization is a long-term process and requires time to get positive results. Meanwhile, you can’t simply wait for the SEO to showcase results and apply different strategies to drive sales and brand awareness. For example, you can use email marketing, create a perfect social media strategy and run paid advertisements on Google.
  • You can also run sponsored ads on Amazon. It’s an excellent way to boost conversion rates and improve the discoverability of your products.

Measuring Success on Amazon Vendor Central

Below listed are some of the ways through which you can measure your success on the vendor platform.

  • Once you have identified and researched the keywords, it’s not over yet. You should analyze your performance in how you performed in the Amazon algorithm with the existing keywords and further research the keyword to optimize performance. If you witnessed that you haven’t performed well or have gone down in rankings, look for the reasons and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • If you run Amazon central advertising campaigns, measure the performance to develop more powerful campaigns. For instance, you might find a few potential keywords that you haven’t used in your advertising campaigns. Then, add those keywords to your campaigns to check whether it improves your performance.

Ways to Get Product Reviews on Amazon Vendor Central

You can practice the below-listed technique to get reviews for your product listings as an Amazon Vendor.

  • One of the best ways to get reviews is with Amazon Vine Program. It is eligible for sellers with less than 30 reviews and an eligible Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN). If you are thinking about how it works, you must send 30 products to 30 Vine Voices for free, which Amazon picks. Once they receive your product, they will leave reviews after trying it.
  • Another attractive option is Amazon Early Reviews Program for new sellers with less than 5 product reviews. The shoppers are incentivized by giving 1 to 3 US dollars gifts in exchange for a review. If you want to enroll in this program, you must pay $60 per SKU. Moreover, you are not charged unless you get the first review.
  • You can also use the Request a Review Button in Seller Central to send emails to the customers within 4 to 30 days of purchasing. After clicking the button, the customer will receive a notification about your feedback demand. Now you are thinking that will it work for me? According to the Jungle Scout study, sellers who used this button witnessed a 7 percent increase in their reviews.

If you want the information and the ways to grow your Amazon Vendor Central business, you can contact a renowned Amazon Vendor consulting company to help you.


What is amazon vendor central?

It is a platform that allows you to sell to Amazon as a supplier directly. Its commonly used by big manufacturers and suppliers.

How to get invited to amazon vendor central?

There is no secret recipe to share on how you will get an invite to Amazon Vendor Central. However, you can sell the items that Amazon is interested in, develop a network with Amazon retail team members, and get maximum sales from your Seller Central account.

How to remove products from amazon vendor central?

  • Go to the section of inventory (Manage Inventory)
  • Select the listing you want to remove and select the option of “Delete Product Listing.”
  • Click OK to confirm

How to remove images from amazon vendor central?

  • In the inventory section, click manage inventory.
  • Click on the edit menu and the right side for the SKU you want to remove
  • Select Delete and click Ok to confirm

How to get invited to amazon vendor central?

If Amazon shows interest in what you are selling, you will get an invitation from Amazon.

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