What Are Amazon Sponsored Products & Their Importance?


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If you’re selling something on Amazon, you need to advertise it. Without advertisements, it becomes challenging to stand out in this ever-growing marketplace filled with sellers like you. This blog provides you complete Amazon sponsored products guide.

What are Amazon Sponsored Products?

Amazon Sponsored Products vs. sponsored brands offer paid options for advertisers to get more visibility in the shopping cart and increase sales by adding value through targeted lists. It is an automated service that lets you advertise your product to customers based on their search history.

How do Sponsored Products work?

Sponsored Products on Amazon is a cost-per-click advertising service. Sponsored display vs sponsored products allows you to promote your products on Amazon by paying a fee for every click that results in sales.  

The basic idea of this type of advertising is as follows:

  • You have an ad campaign on Amazon, including the link to your product and its price.
  • Your end users click on these ads and buy something from you (the seller). In turn, this generates revenue for both the seller and Amazon.
  • Sponsored Products are ads that appear on Amazon.com and can be created by anyone with an Amazon seller account.
  • The best way to expose your merchandise to potential customers is by creating a Sponsored Product ad and promoting it on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, including LinkedIn. If a customer clicks on one of these ads, they will see an image that links directly back to your product page on Amazon.com, where they can learn more about what makes it unique while also seeing the price point (if applicable), so there’s no confusion!

How do I get started with Sponsored Products?

  • Create a seller account to create inventory for sponsored display products.
  • Add products to your inventory.
  • Set up a product listing.
  • Choose a category and keywords for your ad, then select the brand you’d like it to appear under (if applicable.)

What are the benefits of Amazon Sponsored Products?

  • Increase your sales.
  • It will enhance your brand awareness.
  • Increase your traffic to your product listing.
  • Your average order value and conversion rate will be increased. You are indicating that individuals are more likely to buy something if interested!
  • Increase profit margins, which means that every dollar you make is more than what it would have been otherwise!

Do I need an Amazon Seller account to utilize Amazon advertising?

Yes, you need an Amazon Seller account to utilize Amazon advertising. You can create one here or sign up for a seller account if you have a business name and address ready.

To use the services offered by Amazon Advertising, you need to pay a monthly fee of $39 per month to access its inventory tracking tools (iTunes Connect). Moreover, analyze data on your sales performance about other products sold by third parties through their platform (Amazon Web Services.)

What are Amazon Sponsored products?

Sponsored Products are advertisements that appear on Amazon.com and on other sites and apps where Amazon sells its products. The ads are created by Amazon, not by the sellers of the products.

For a fee, Amazon partners with advertisers who want their brand or product to be promoted on their website or app. These advertisers can choose from many different types of sponsored product ads, including:

  • Text links – This sponsored link shows text rather than an image like most other types do (e.g., “Click here”). As such, it’s much easier for people unfamiliar with eCommerce sites like yours to understand what you’re selling without having any extra steps involved in getting them there!

What is manual targeting in Products on Amazon?

Manual targeting is the ability to select the specific products you want to advertise. It allows you to target particular keywords, categories, and product interests. You can also target a specific audience based on demographics, interests, and behaviors.

You can also use manual targeting in Sponsored Products as follows:

  • Targeting based on location – In this case, we will use Google Analytics for our data source and Amazon’s site search tool (indexer) for our query criteria. The same goes for other platforms like Facebook Ads or Instagram Stories Search Ads. They all have proprietary devices that allow access to your data sources (Google Analytics account), so they can pull out information explicitly related to those platforms themselves!

Manual vs. Automatic Targeting – How do you choose?

Manual targeting is more flexible but also more time-consuming. For example, you can target specific keywords, while automatic targeting allows you to target particular categories.

Suppose you’re just getting started with sponsored products and want to know what results in they’ll get for your brand before spending money on them (and waiting for them). Therefore, you should choose manual targeting. But if you have a large budget and want something fast-acting, automated sales strategies may better suit your business needs.

Discover how to make the most of one of the most potent advertising channels.

You can use Amazon-sponsored products to promote your products on Amazon. You can use them in any channel that has a pay-per-click advertisement budget.

Getting started is easy! You only need to register for an account and set up a campaign for each campaign (you’ll need to create separate campaigns for each paid advertising channel). Then add the product URL as an ad unit and start generating sales!

Which best describes sponsored brands?

Increase sales by reaching more customers. You can use sponsored products to grow your sales.

  • Reach new customers and increase conversion rates. Customers can see your brand name when they search for what you sell on the web, so they must understand your brand and product offerings. Available. It is especially true if they’re looking for something specific (such as “the best coffee maker.”)
  • Increase brand awareness among potential customers by creating a sense of familiarity through branding campaigns, such as Amazon ads or sponsored posts on social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter; these platforms can help drive awareness even further!
  • Improve customer loyalty with high-quality content that promotes their business values through influencer marketing campaigns – this strategy has proven successful time after time!

How to select keywords for your Amazon Sponsored Product ads?

Selecting keywords is an essential part of your campaign. It’s important to choose keywords that are relevant to your product and your audience. The more specific you can make it, the more likely someone will find what they’re looking for.

The first step in selecting good keywords is understanding who you’re trying to reach with this particular ad copy:

  • If a user searches for something like “how do I make my website mobile friendly,” they’re probably looking for information on how they can change their design. Therefore, it works well on mobile devices without sacrificing quality or functionality. As a result, if their current website doesn’t meet those needs, then one of these sponsored posts could help them update their site so everyone can see it!
  • Another example might be someone who searches something like “how do I add social media sharing buttons?” This person might want answers because they just bought some new shoes that need to display well in photos. But he needs to know where else they should put them besides being stuck in his pockets all day long, which makes him look ridiculous!

How do I create an ad campaign on amazon PPC?

To create a new ad campaign on Amazon and get started, follow these steps:

  • Create a new campaign. You can do this by clicking the “New Campaign” button in your dashboard or selecting the “Categories” tab at the top of any page. Then click “Create New Campaign” near the bottom of that page under “Product Categories.”
  • Select an appropriate product type (for example, a Book). The more specific your choice is, the better! If you’re unsure which class to select, go with “All Products.” It will give you access to all Amazon’s products regardless of category. But if we’re talking about something specific like books, DVDs, or electronics. Then it might be worth choosing just one item instead of everything else available on Amazon now!

Optimizing Your Campaigns with Ad Groups

  • Create at least one ad group for each product.
  • Make sure your ad groups are relevant to your products.
  • Create an ad group for each product and use the exact keywords, image, and landing page URL.

Pricing your products based on demand and supply

  • Price your products based on demand and supply.
  • You must choose the price of your products based on the competition.
  • The price of your products is based on market trends.
  • You must also choose the price of your products based on seasonality (i.e., winter sales.)

Additionally, it’s crucial to remember that when you’re pricing something, you’re essentially making a bet: People will buy it if they think it’s worth it. But only if they believe there isn’t another cheaper option, better quality/ or something else entirely!

Bidding & Budgeting Strategies for Amazon Sponsored Product  Guide

There are a few different ways when setting up a budget for Amazon-sponsored product ads.

  • The first option is to set up a daily budget. You can do this by clicking on “Budgeting & Optimization” in the left menu bar of your account and then selecting “Daily Budgeting.” From there, you can enter details about how much you want to spend on Amazon Sponsored Product Ads each day (or week). How long should they remain active until it expires?
  • If you want more control over how much money is spent on ads each day/week/month. First, set up lifetime budgets instead of daily ones since these types offer better margins. On the other hand, if you compare them with your other counterparts, you will find them good. Then don’t worry too much about whether or not they’re going through with their campaign anyway. It could still help people who might have been interested in buying something similar but didn’t have enough funds available immediately.”

How to track the performance of your ads?

Tracking your ads’ performance is critical to reaching the right people at the right time. The AAP and AMS platforms offer several tools to help you do this.

The first step is to choose an ad format that works best for your business and target audience. Here’s a quick rundown of some popular choices:

  • Text ads (desktop only)
  • Display ads (mobile)

What are the Best Practices for Amazon Sponsored Product Ads (ASP)?

What are the best practices for Amazon Sponsored Product Ads (ASP)?

  • Use the sponsored products platform to manage your ad campaigns. It will allow you to set up, edit, and optimize your ads and track their performance in real-time.
  • Choose the right keywords for your products. You can choose from over 40 countries where people search for things related to your brand or product line; this helps increase conversions by offering more relevant ads when potential customers search online for what they need!
  • Create an ad campaign on amazon PPC that fits with its format. So it looks professional without being too complicated or confusing, as you have to make it see through their mobile devices.

Should I buy a sponsored product on Amazon? 

The answer to this question is yes. It’s not unethical or illegal to buy a sponsored product on Amazon. On the contrary, it’s beneficial to your business. So long as you’re transparent about it in the description and content of your product listing.


This guide was meant to thoroughly overview Amazon sponsored products and everything you need to know about them. We know it can be overwhelming initially. We sincerely hope you found this helpful information. We at Urtasker provides complete solution to your needs for Amazon services. If you have any additional queries or worries, please get in touch with us.


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