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Does this sound familiar?

icon Overwhelmed by Amazon Ads overall, especially new offers.

iconMany campaigns created but lack unified strategy.

iconLack of a strategy to dominate the ranks through Sponsor Ads.

iconLow traffic or Low Conversions on product listings

iconLack of a strategy on making any adjustments on bids and campaign.

We help Amazon Sellers

iconBy fixing existing campaigns before starting new ones.

iconBy building customized PPC strategy for your brand.

iconFully optimizing listing before starting PPC.

iconImproving organic ranking for profitable keywords though sponsor products ads.

iconConstantly analyzing and monitoring the campaigns to reduce ACOS.

Why choose Urtasker?

Since our mantra for managing PPC revolves around “one size does not fit all” we believe every brand needs customized advertising strategizes to stay ahead of their competition. Our data scientist team also known as our Amazon PPC expert team, will work very closely with Amazon sellers to understand their brand, identify their target audience, and find the best strategy to advertise on Amazon.
Our team is familiar with almost all the PPC management and keyword research tools in the market however we heavily rely on our hybrid strategy which is a combination of our manual PPC management efforts plus any tools if needed.
Our PPC management service is tailored to your needs. We perform a mandatory (pre-onboarding) PPC Audit of your Amazon account to identify areas of improvement and then build out a project scope. Upon onboarding, we assign you a dedicated Amazon PPC manager. We believe in regular contact and full transparency. You will get weekly reports with task list along with bi-weekly meetings.
We're passionate about managing your Amazon PPC and improving your results! Book a free Amazon PPC Audit by calling or emailing us at.

iconMore than 5 years of experience on paid advertising on Amazon.

iconWe are one of the very few agencies in the world which is familiar with all advertising options on Amazon.

iconWe are one stop-shop for listing optimization and PPC Management services.

iconWe provide a completely free no obligation PPC Audit

iconDedicated staff to monitor and optimize PPC Campaigns

How we work

When you choose Urtasker as your Amazon marketing agency, you'll receive the benefit of our experience and expertise. We know Amazon Sponsored Ads inside and out. We'll put all of that skill to work straight away for you.
Step 1: We begin with an account audit. This provides insight on your existing campaigns and identifies areas needing optimization. This audit helps to build a strategical plan of action.
Step 2: Based on your business model, brand and advertising budget, we develop a customized strategy. We work very closely with you to build a plan to fix existing campaigns issues before starting new ones.

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