4 Ways to Effectively Use your Virtual Assistant for Social Media Marketing

virtual assistant for social media

4 Ways to Effectively Use your Virtual Assistant for Social Media Marketing

You just nabbed a great Virtual Assistant. Congratulations!

Everything checks out; their experience, credentials, milestones, proven results and raving testimonials from clients the world over.

Now what? What matters now is how you utilize your new secret weapon. A Virtual Assistant is essentially under your leadership, the pathway and evolutionary journey ahead depends on the vision and deliverables you put forth in front of your Virtual Assistant.

And this is where the power of Social Media Marketing is crucial. Can you effectively use your Virtual Assistant for results-centric, customer-focused, goal-oriented Social Media Marketing campaigns and initiatives that make your target audiences glued on for more?

Focus on communicating effectively. That is the end result you want and what your audience really expects. And this is what your Virtual Assistant must skillfully apply in all endeavors ahead.

Some of our tried and tested personal tips on Social Media Marketing, visibility, persuasion and building a following are as follows:

1. Knowing Your Audience Type

Your virtual assistant should be well aware and deeply immersed in the psychology, behavioral patterns and emotional triggers that make your particular brand’s audience type resonate with you!

For example, the Virtual Assistant must understand that if you’re writing for regular people, use words and sentences that apply to them, not words that an Astronaut from NASA could only grasp!

2. Building a Network

Any successful online business knows one key fundamental recipe. The recipe to growing a network. That recipe starts from the very first brick towards building a network that stands the test of time. And this is where your Virtual Assistant’s diligence, professionalism, skills and overall ability to gather data + communicate it is utmost critical!

Effectively building a network on Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, Discussion Boards, Industry Forums and a plethora of other avenues is key in leveraging the power of the internet and merging it with the beauty of Social Media.

Email lists, consumer outreach, and other online initiatives ensure your network grows, cement and viably resonates with your value proposition as a business. A good Virtual Assistant will make ample use of each avenue and exploit it to the nth degree!

3. Complexity in Simplicity

Your Virtual Assistant should be able to turn complexity into simplicity – ensuring all audience types pertaining to your business are able to understand and grasp information – successfully!

If you’re talking about a technical topic, say it in the simplest manner without the jargon and fluff. Your Virtual Assistant must be able to not only gauge this invaluable skill but also apply it with zero bumps and hassles.

4. Managing Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are one of the most lucrative business facets any online business can employ. It has far more reach, conversion rates and overall mass appeal than other social media platforms.

Hence, understanding its depth, substance and intrinsic value in a proactive manner is a key trait every Virtual Assistant worth their salt must embrace! Managing your various marketing and social media advertorial campaigns on Facebook in a timely, proactive and results-driven fashion is the very lifeline to consistent revenue.

A great Virtual Assistant will manage time, resources, study trends, and audience patterns and successfully be able to utilize your ads budget for maximum throughput!

Conclusively, virtual assistant social media marketing is about evoking emotions and thoughts – in a long-lasting manner, whilst constructively utilizing the tools and resources at one’s disposal. This is where a capable Virtual Assistant’s true colors shine, and this is precisely how you need to implement your virtual assistant’s skills in a guided and goal-oriented manner.

Omer Riaz is an experienced IT Professional, E-commerce Consultant, and Amazon Seller. He is the co-founder of DaskTech, Inc & Urtasker, which made its trademark in the e-commerce world by providing skilled and trained virtual staff and services. Omer blogs on various topics which include: his experience in the fast-changing world of e-commerce, hiring and effectively managing virtual assistants.
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