Testimonials - Urtasker

“Urtasker team has helped me growing my Amazon and eBay business. My sales are getting better every day. I highly recommend Urtasker if you want to grow your online business.”
Minh YPhan Owner at Nextin

“I have hired Urtasker about 3 month ago. They are Amazon specialist and know exactly what they are doing. These guys are extremely professional. They stay in touch, follow up and work on my hours. My sales have grown tremendously. I was hesitant to start but once I started I never looked back. I strongly recommend them.”
Ned PearsonVice President at Pearson Travel

“I have been working with Urtasker for about 5 months now. I really love working with them. Urtasker is the first company which I hired to help me with my Amazon business. They are teaching me how to be successful in E-commerce and tips and tricks in E-commerce which I did not know before. They are always on time and never had a problem with them. I really recommend their services.”
Nikolina Ivanova Owner at Glam sophisticated

“I learned about Urtasker through an Amazon Facebook group where they were recommended by other business owners. I was impressed by initial conversation with their team. They are now helping me with optimizing Amazon listing and managing Amazon pay per click. Whenever I have question, their team is available to answer. They are caring, professional, great at time management and attention to detail.”

Shirin Karimian Owner at Cloud Retailers

“I started with Urtasker after a consultation call with them in which they analyzed my Amazon account and made recommendations. Since their quoted price was right, I started working with them. They helped me to become profitable Amazon business. My virtual assistant is great, very punctual and there is no language barrier. I can always tell that they want to good job and make you happy. I recommend them giving a chance.”

Thomas HamiltonManager at Life Peaks

Todd Green
Owner of Captain Captin

“They have been extremely knowledgeable and helpful in ramping up my business. I would highly recommend them for their hard work and great clear communication. I can’t wait to add more members to my team!”
Ketan Kutlerywala

“Lee Ackerman says I have been selling on Amazon for around 4 and a half year now. Quite ago I decided to outsource my a lot of business and originally spoke to Bilal who’s great. He laid the concerns I may have had about working with VA’s I have never looked back.”
Lee Ackerman

“I had never used an off-shore VA before and wasn’t sure about the quality to expect, or the communication skills. The greatest benefit I have gained from Urtasker are my revenue increased by 25%! Also, the listings look much better now, and the ad campaigns are highly effective. I recommend to try it out, the commitment is low, and the cost is reasonable. It worked out great for me, I will continue using their services.”

Owner of DMX Pro Sales

“Before starting our cooperation with Urtasker we had low impressions/visibility of our store but already after one month things started improving. At first we were not sure since we have found the company via google.com but already after first task we understood that it would be a good cooperation. The biggest benefit so far was helping us ungate one category we could not sell in before. It’s worth its money. Managers are very helpful and knowledgeable about all amazon related topics. If you starting the business and need some guidance or just want some professional help in getting those extra sales than this team is the one you looking for, I would recommend them without any hesitation.”

Diana Demcenko
ATD Baltics

“I was having issue with my PPC, listing and images. At first, I was hesitant because they are off shore and in another country. But they communicate very well and will do their best to get you results. They are always there for you. They will help you understand Amazon and how it really works and apply their skills to help you grow your business. To really work with them and see their results. They will try different strategies and they communicate very effectively which it the most important part of business.”

Randy Webster
J Naturals

“I am new to Amazon and needed help in product research and listing products. At Urtasker, I found a great virtual assistant who understands my requirements and works hard. Urtasker’s team is great in their communication and cares about my business.”


Huma Samma

“They are trustworthy, knowledgeable and important also: you pay as you go, which is an added benefit because you do not pay a lot of money upfront for a service you may never receive. Highly recommended!”

Clasina Valkenberg
Baby Emporio

“These guys are amazing. Been working with them for several months and they are very knowledagle in the e-commerce world. Taking my business to new heights. Couldn’t do it without them!”

Ned Pearson

“I am very impressed with Urtasker. They have helped me grow my business in a very short time with PPC campaigns, and listing optimization. The prices are very reasonable for the amount of knowledge they have on Amazon! Thanks guys!”

Syble Owings

“I have been working with Urtasker and they have always been on top of their game. Their communication skills and knowledge based decisions are appreciated. I will continue to work with them and highly recommend their services.”

Huma Siddiqui

“I had excellent experience with the team. Great professionals, very helpful and I would definitely use their service again for my e-commerce projects. Thanks again guys!”

Diana Demcenko

“Their performance is outstanding in all areas. Very knowledgeable and helpful! My sales went up so much and still growing. I started working with Urtasker just a few months ago and I am very impressed with everything so far. My VA is the best!”

Nermina Banjac

“I want to thank Bilal Ahmad for the amazing customer service he provides; his communication is excellent and responds promptly. In addition, he knows what he is doing as evidenced by increase of sales for my e-commerce business. Thanks again!!”

Maria Berger

“Urtasker is a commando of professionals. Can’t express enough my satisfaction!!”

Isabella Kirk

“Urtasker provides reliable virtual assistant services for Amazon and eBay at great rates! I really enjoyed utilizing their services. Would definitely use them again.”

Adam Leaf