Client Stories

Minh YPhan

Owner at Nextin

“Urtasker team has helped me growing my Amazon and eBay business. My sales are getting better every day. I highly recommend Urtasker if you want to grow your online business.”

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Ned Pearson

Vice President at Pearson Travel
“I have hired Urtasker about 3 month ago. They are Amazon specialist and know exactly what they are doing. These guys are extremely professional. They stay in touch, follow up and work on my hours. My sales have grown tremendously. I was hesitant to start but once I started I never looked back. I strongly recommend them.”
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Nikolina Ivanova

Owner at Glam sophisticated
“I have been working with Urtasker for about 5 months now. I really love working with them. Urtasker is the first company which I hired to help me with my Amazon business. They are teaching me how to be successful in E-commerce and tips and tricks in E-commerce which I did not know before. They are always on time and never had a problem with them. I really recommend their services.”
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Shirin Karimian

Cloud Retailer

Hear from Shirin’s experience and how she acted on the advice of another business owner to hire Urtasker and grow her Amazon business.

“I did not have to train them as they are already expert”

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Thomas Hamilton

Manager at Life Peaks

Learn from Thomas Hamilton’s story and how Urtasker’s team helped him become profitable.

“I can always tell that they want to do a good job and makes you happy.”

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Ketan Kutlerywala

Listen to Ketan’s experience and how Urtasker helped him delegate his “day to day” tasks and ultimately grow his business.

“They have been extremely knowledgeable and helpful in ramping up my business”

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Lee Ackerman

Learn how Lee leveraged Urtasker’s industry knowledge and hierarchy to grow his business.
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Todd Green

Owner of Captain Captin

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Chris Drechney

Hear Chris explain how Urtasker helped to increase his business.

“The greatest benefit I have gained from Urtasker is having that dedicated and trusted team that shares same passion and desire to grow my business”

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Kerry Fox

Hear the story from Kerri  and how she utilized Urtasker to grow her agency business.

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Success stories from around the world

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