Ecommerce Strategy Consulting from Ecommerce Expert

Zeeshan Riaz February 18, 2022

Ecommerce Strategy Consulting from Ecommerce Expert

The global ecommerce market was worth $3.53 trillion in 2019. Statista indicates that the amount will reach $6.54 trillion by 2023. E-commerce has grown by 20 percent in 2021 alone. Before the pandemic, online shopping was a popular pastime.

An ecommerce strategy consulting prepares you properly to achieve double-digit conversion rates, sustain growing sales year after year, and achieve consistent growth. The eCommerce consulting services can assist you in achieving these fantastic results by providing you with step-by-step assistance. Find out what an effective ecommerce marketing strategy can do for your business and what you can expect to achieve.

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Best Ecommerce Strategy for Startups

The process of launching an online store these days is very straightforward. Whether you need a store builder, plugin, or theme, you can get up and running in a matter of minutes and choose from countless options. The ease with which you can start trading online has become a reality. Creating a lucrative business from an online store is not easy, though.

It would be best if you had a solid digital marketing strategy for ecommerce. It is a highly competitive market. While major online retailers spend considerable amounts on marketing, it cannot be easy to keep up with trends.

10 Reasons To Contact Ecommerce Strategy Consulting Agency:

Here are 10 ways a consulting agency can help you build an effective ecommerce brand strategy.

1. You can get new customers using Facebook advertising:

Facebook is a popular advertising tool for eCommerce websites. As Facebook newsfeeds feature sponsored posts, you’ve probably seen advertisements there.

If you’re trying to implement an eCommerce strategy through Facebook, why does it work so well? Targeting specific audiences is the secret. Customer information such as ZIP code, age, household income, and interest can be retrieved. If you’re a company, you can target people by their kids’ ages and whether or not they’re parents.

To market your high-end shoes to the fashionista crowd, it is necessary to draw customers who follow other shoe brands. With Facebook ads, you can invite people in your area to an event. Moreover, since Facebook owns Instagram, the advertising platform Facebook can be used to show your ads on Instagram.

Facebook’s advertisements are an effective way to drive a targeted audience to your physical store or online store to help you continually expand your business.

2. Video, Video, and Video

You can convert web visitors into customers on the product page by following one simple step.

About 50 percent of people who land on a product page of an eCommerce site will watch a video explaining the product before deciding to buy it.

The website should be able to provide visitors with an online shopping experience that is as close as possible to that of a store. Create promotional videos showing your product being used or worn by people. You are not required to use Hollywood-style production techniques to create these videos. Presenters could include business owners, team members, or even influential individuals!

Brand identity is shaped by your video presentation. Incorporating these videos into your Ecommerce strategy will provide your customers with a greater sense of emotional attachment to your company.

3. A simple way for consumers to try purchasing online after buying in-store

Customers who shop in stores can be enticed to shop online by offering a discount only available online. In particular, if you are a smaller retailer, you might want to consider offering a 15% discount on your first online purchase to anyone who purchases a product from you in your store.

The number of times your code has been used is very easy to determine after a month. It is important to test this in order to encourage people to make more purchases online. You may discover that the customer has already made a purchase online, in which case, as ecommerce strategy consulting, we don’t recommend necessarily offering the customer another discount.

4. By offering free shipping, you can make online shopping easier and more convenient

There are two very important things to keep in mind in regards to shipping. Free shipping is the best shipping option you can provide, so make sure your shipping options are very clear. It is well established that if you provide free shipping, people are more likely to purchase from you. Most of our clients take ecommerce strategy consulting appointments to discuss shipping tips. Get your friends to pretend they are customers of your eCommerce store or take a moment to imagine you’re one. Ask them to provide feedback on what was the overall experience of making a purchase on your website.

Allow first-time customers to check out as guests rather than requiring them to register for an account. Creating an account will drive away customers. Additionally, it is recommended that your checkout process and shipping costs are straightforward and accurate.

Many people enter their ZIP code to see how much shipping will cost when adding products to their shopping carts. It is important that you follow up with a couple of emails if someone leaves your website with items still in their shopping cart. An email follow-up should include something like this: “Hey, did you forget to make a purchase? I have attached your shopping cart.”

5. Find out people’s email addresses

It is incredibly valuable to have your customers’ email addresses when offering an ecommerce online consulting strategy. In addition to sending out information about in-store events, new products, sales, and other things, you can also send out emails about promotions.

A good social media following is beneficial, but having an email address people can use to read, unsubscribe, or delete is crucial. It is imperative to attract their attention. The best thing you can do for your business is to encourage customers to leave their email addresses while visiting your store. In a monthly prize draw, people can be asked for business cards, or email addresses can be collected to offer a discount.

It would help if you remembered that not every customer is the same. Depending on who spends consistently and who only occasionally, you could send different emails to those two groups of customers.

6. Make your products look great

A good photography budget is necessary for eCommerce businesses. Most retail sites have multiple photographs of their products, and they are always in good condition. With the help of high-quality photography, which shows various angles, you will be able to showcase your products most effectively.

7. Maintain a regular blog, and you will reap the benefits

The fact that your business can increase sales by blogging regularly is proven by research. In general, you can expect to double or triple your web traffic if you blog three to four times per week.

Your own writers will better understand your brand and products if you build a relationship with them over time. Ideally, you should hire native English speakers. It is easy to find freelance content writers who work from home, write excellent content at an affordable price, and seek regular projects. Make sure to share your blogs on your social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

8. Organize four sales campaigns annually

As an ecommerce strategy consulting agency, we always plan at least three or four promotional campaigns for any company at the beginning of every year.

New product promotions, January Sales, and Black Friday Sales are obvious campaigns. Additionally, as an establishment with a physical location, you have a significant advantage over businesses that do business only online.

You could invite your faithful and passionate customers to your store and make their visit an enjoyable one. The re-engagement of lapsed customers can also be a form of campaign.

Competitions are also popular with customers, so it’s worth putting together a couple of competitions a year over social media. You could ask for customer opinions on a few different product designs you are launching and their suggestions about product ideas.

9. Mention all the details of your product in the description.

This is really important for your Ecommerce content strategy. You need to put all the details related to the product or service you are selling on your website and precisely in the product description section. Use all relevant keywords for this purpose. Keyword research is important for this strategy to work. An Ecommerce consulting agency can easily help you make your Ecommerce SEO strategy that works best for you.

10. Make sure the right eCommerce consultant handles your eCommerce strategy

Finally, but certainly not least. You are not required to panic if you are a new entrant in the field of E-Commerce and online selling. If you do not understand how to run your business, you do not need to worry and panic. A variety of Ecommerce consulting companies are now offering services to help new businesses succeed.

You need to keep in mind that e-commerce marketing is a specialization, and you should only hire specialists when you need their help.


In this article, we have outlined why contacting an ecommerce strategy consulting agency is the right option for your business. Choosing your top three areas of interest and focusing on one at a time is the most effective approach. A company with a store and a website can create a successful brand over time. If you take these Ecommerce strategy tips to heart, you’ll gain a competitive advantage.

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