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Marketing Your Amazon FBA Business – Effectively!

Marketing Amazon business is a powerful tool every seller should learn. The internet age has provided a whirlwind of opportunities for every hardworking dreamer that wants to fly without wings. The world of eCommerce and internet has proven to be a lucrative arena for those who want to benefit from the promises it beholds.

In fact, with its low barrier to entry, Amazon FBA is one of the most popular routes to business ownership.

Hence, whether you aspire to generate a side income or grow operations to make a living off your business, one of the best places to start selling your products is on Amazon FBA!

Here are some tips on how to effectively market your Amazon FBA business the right way!

Increasing Views & Appearing on Amazon Search Results

Amazon has a powerful algorithm. Understanding how it works is very crucial!

It’s not necessary to know the details of the algorithm— because Amazon does not disclose that information—but it’s critical to identify the very elements that go into constructing it.

  • Pricing: Change up your sales tags up and down every few weeks. This will keep your listing fresh (your repricing software can help with this).
  • Availability: How many of a certain product you have left in stock shows up on your page, letting buyers know if you’re pricing it to sell or pricing it by market standards.
  • Selection: Users may think they know what others search for, but they don’t because Amazon guards this tidbit close to their chest.
  • Sales History: Where you rank matters on how much you sell, that’s it. Amazon doesn’t care about anything else but how much money passes hands.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising on Amazon

PPC marketing campaigns can work wonders for audience visibility, product advertising, and eventual sales conversions. If you’re not using PPC already, you must!

How do you go about devising a powerful PPC Marketing Campaign?

  1. Use keyword tools to check the demand.
  2. Structure and organize your PPC keywords.
  3. Include negative keywords in your first PPC campaign.
  4. Know your budget and work backward.
  5. Research the competitive landscape.
  6. Write better ad copy.
  7. Create a powerful and relevant call to action.

Setting Up Amazon Search Optimization

Ranking in Amazon search results is a big boost to your product listing visibility and sales conversions.

Applying a robust, proactive, well put together marketing Amazon business and SEO strategy is sure to rank your listings higher. A higher ranking means higher audience attention, which directly translates to higher clicks on your listing.

Here are the basic steps you need to undertake in order to instill the Amazon SEO to your product pages:

  1. Follow the Image Guidelines and Upload a Good Amount.
  2. Focus on Your Product Title.
  3. Use Bullet-Point Content Form and Focus on a Description.
  4. Actively Work to Increase Your Amazon Reviews.
  5. Use the Sponsored Products Feature.
  6. Fill Out all the Relevant Categories.
  7. List an ASIN in Your Product Field.

Influencer Marketing Amazon Business

Getting influential people online to market your products is a strategy that reaps rewards unflinchingly. For example, many well-known Instagram influencers have an all-encompassing global audience reach in millions. They are always willing to consider good products or brands market – for a fee.

This is where budgeting is important. You need to know what your realistic budget is. Influencers usually charge per post, which may always change depending on the agreement you strike with them.

The next step is approaching them. Something as simple sending them a DM on Instagram, to emailing them or connecting via the contact form on their blog/website will get you a reply.

Once you get the reply, spend as much time as you can in sharing your product details, features, benefits, the USP of your brand and how you think it will help the masses.

Giveaways & Deals on Offer Sites

People love good deals. It’s human nature.

Everyone wants to save a buck or two. It gives them a sense of satisfaction and ‘triumph’ that they otherwise wouldn’t have gotten had they paid full price for the same product elsewhere.

This is why tapping into the ‘good deal’ psychology from a consumerist viewpoint is key! Use it to your advantage. Showcase your products on deal offer websites such as Overstock, Wish, Groupon, etc.

Not only will you get a few sales, but you’ll also get wider audience visibility on other platforms, which will help to bring in traffic to your Amazon product listing. Moreover, remember that the best form of advertising is word of mouth.

So if people like your products of a deal offer website, they will recommend you to their friends and family, who will automatically happily buy from your main Amazon product page because they are already ‘sold’ on the value of your product.

Copywriting a High-Quality Product Listing

While you do need to incorporate keywords to tell Amazon what your product is about, you shouldn’t sacrifice ‘quality’. Humans also have to find ‘value’ in the copywriting you write before they will convert into customers.

Yes, having exceptional rankings on Amazon is a priority, but Amazon isn’t the one with a credit card in its hand – shoppers are!

When prospects scroll through the search results, they glance at the information including the title, image, price, and more. There has to be something there to capture attention or, with the swipe of a finger or click of a mouse, your listing will be out of view, never to be seen again.

Even if you do get a click to your product listing, if your well-ranked page doesn’t offer solid details that “inform, entice, and persuade”, your sales will still be lacking.

There must be an even balance between “ranking criteria” and “customer experience”. In essence, you’re serving two masters: Amazon and shoppers. But the difference is that the latter of the two is the one paying for your product.

Hence, hiring a professional Amazon copywriter to write your listing Titles, features/benefits Bullet Descriptions and the actual Product Description itself is utmost crucial! Keep that in mind!

Conclusively, in order to grow effectively and scale your Amazon FBA business, it is important that you delegate administrative work functions to a professional Virtual Assistant service provider.

This takes the load off you, so you can focus on your business instead of being ‘stuck’ working in it!

Urtasker is a globally renowned and internationally acclaimed Virtual Assistance agency based in New York, the USA that helps businesses benefit, grow and profit in the online E-commerce industry through specialized marketing, expert technical and skilled operational services by handling all functions of your Amazon FBA business.

From Amazon SEO and Ranking to Copywriting your Product Listing, to running PPC campaigns on your behalf, Urtasker ensures that you are ‘covered’ in every way enroot to increasing revenues and sales like never before!

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Are You Doing Great As An Online Marketer?

As a marketer online, you’ll offer fin tod yourselves questioning whether or not you’re doing great in your field. However, it all boils down to marketing intelligence in the end. Do you have it?

Your ‘marketing intelligence’ acts as a ceiling that limits the growth of your wealth. As you raise your marketing intelligence, you raise the ceiling on what’s financially possible for you. Your marketing intelligence sets the context for your investment success – or lack thereof.

A little known fact about marketing intelligence is that it grows and compounds just like money. The effect is a ‘multiplicative’ one – not an additive one. Each new tidbit of information connects to all the other knowledge which multiplies. It doesn’t just add up, but it grows geometrically by multiplying.

As an online marketer, your goal should be to make regular knowledge-deposits every week into your marketing intelligence account, just like you make monthly deposits into your investment accounts.

When you do this, your marketing intelligence will multiply and grow ahead of the growth in your investment accounts to help create a lifetime of financial security.

Here are some crucial guidelines and important tips to successfully increase your marketing intelligence and be the best darn marketer out there!

1. Know Your Marketing Role

This is very important. You cannot market your products and services ( or that of your clients) to prospective consumers and global audiences if you don’t (or fail to) understand your fundamental role.

As an online marketer, you need to understand that Marketing plays an important role in establishing relationships between customers and the organizations offering to the market. The marketing function is also tasked with the branding of the organization, participation in publicity activities, advertising and customer interaction through feedback collection.

2. Learn Marketing Strategies

Knowledge is power. And ignorance is not bliss! Keeping this golden life formula in mind, no matter how skilled or experienced you think you are as a marketer, it is important to continually learn, develop, cement and enhance marketing strategies in an ever-evolving and cutthroat competitive industry.

Attend webinars, seminars, conferences, masterminds. Read books, listen to podcasts and do your research in learning as much as you can. Be hungry for learning!

3. Build Your Skills and Grow Your Portfolio

As a marketing specialist, your foremost goal should be to be the best at what you do.

Marketing is a science; it uses human psychology, buying trends, consumer behavior, social dynamics and many other elements in order to successfully convey the value proposition of a product or service to prospective buyers.

You need to be able to build such skills on a constant basis, through consistent polishing and enhancement. Invest in courses, learning materials and attend classes if you must!

Grow your portfolio by reaching out to clients online and offline, and offering free work in return for a testimonial. That is how you grow and amplify your worth as a marketer!

4. Start With Smaller Projects

Build your momentum by taking on smaller projects and working your way up the ladder.

Taking on smaller tasks and projects makes it more digestible for you, enabling you to concentrate your focus and key skills in a measured and effective way, rather than succumbing to intimidation and overwhelm with bigger projects right away.

5. Never Stop Learning

Marketing and the ability to persuade people to ‘act’ on what you’re saying about your product, service or value proposition – is about pulling at the strings of the heart.

Human beings are emotional creatures. They love stories, as it helps them visualize possibilities beyond their imagination. It helps them come out of their mental comfort zones. It inspires them and evokes the desire to act.

Hence, the need to learn such marketing fundamental, storytelling, persuasive techniques, and psychological triggers are the utmost key!

Yes, you will make mistakes along the way, but failures and pitfalls are all part of the learning process! Sooner or later, you’ll begin to see a massive difference and start to reap the benefits of all that learning and knowledge!

On a final note, online marketing is a great but difficult tool to handle. Urtasker is doing great in its online marketing strategies and hence is one of the best online marketers for delivering Virtual Assistant Services and Amazon Listing Optimization Services.

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How to Self Publish on Amazon As An Author


Many years ago, aspiring authors had to spend weeks or months writing a book proposal and sample chapters. Then you might contact a bunch of literary agents to see if they would be interested in pitching your book to major publishers.

Most would grumble that your idea would not be likely to make a lot of money, or that it sounded “more like a magazine article than a book.”

At this point, you might abandon the project or if you were really persistent, send your proposal directly to publishers. If they didn’t ship the package back to you unopened, they would either send you a form rejection letter or make you a lowball offer that’d be barely enough to buy breakfast cereal.

However, in the last decade or so, various tools for self-publishing have taken down these barriers for authors who prefer to go it alone. One of the most dominant and major platforms is publishing on Amazon. Anyone can do it. Anyone can become an author. And it has now become an equal playing field.

Most independently published authors fall into one of two camps: Those selling books on their own website using an e-commerce tool and those selling only through Amazon.

Self-publishing on Amazon

Amazon’s suite of services for independent authors makes it possible for me and many other authors to bypass traditional publishing companies. It gives us the tools to create and sell digital books; print and sell paperback copies on demand; add author pages and even market books.

Here are following Amazon services, all of them free to set up, that every independent author needs to know about:

Kindle Direct Publishing

This service, known by the shorthand KDP, enables indie authors to sell the digital version of their books on (or other Amazon country websites). There’s no charge to upload the file. Authors get royalties of 35% to 70% of the sale price, depending on whether the book is sold on KDP or through another Amazon service called KDP Select.

Unlike most other digital retailers, KDP uses the format known as “mobi.” This is simply the file format for digital books that Amazon uses, and it works on all Kindle devices. You can upload your book on Amazon using other formats as explained on the Amazon site, including ePub, which is the most popular one (that’s what Apple uses), and others such as HTML, Doc, and RTF.

KDP Select

By using this service, you tap into Amazon’s marketing muscle. To do that you must give them an exclusive on your digital book for 90 days. In return, KDP Select pays higher royalties (closer to the 70% mentioned earlier) and allows those books to be part of the lending library for their Prime Members. Authors get paid a percentage of the total amount Amazon Prime members pay for each book lent out.

KDP Select also gives you the option to make your book free or discounted for up to five days, as part of your promotional campaign. During that time, it appears on sales pages on, which drives more people to it.

Create Space

This is Amazon’s print-on-demand service for indie authors. It lets you sell a paperback copy of your book either on or directly from All you have to do is upload a PDF based on their specifications and set how much you’d like to make. (They give you a base price; you make the public price something over that.)

You don’t pay for book printing – you simply collect a commission whenever it sells. You’re in charge of the price and associated commission as well. When you upload your book, Amazon tells you what their costs are — $2.50 for example, for a 150-page book. From there you can price your book at anything higher, say $9.

Under that scenario, for each paperback sale, Amazon keeps $2.50 and the shipping costs that it charges the buyer, and you keep $6.50.

Authors design (or can have Create Space design for an extra fee) a cover and upload their content in PDF format. Once it’s uploaded you can download or physically order a “proof” copy or view it directly on their website. That way, if you need to make changes, you can do that before it’s made available for sale.

Amazon Author Central

Whether your book is published by a traditional publisher or you are an independent author, Amazon lets you create an author page. You can add your biography; your photo; editorial reviews; and your blog’s RSS feed (so it grabs new articles). It’s even possible to share upcoming speaking and book-signing events and show your latest tweets.

Every Amazon page for your book links to this enormously useful marketing tool, so it cross-links other books you have published, too. On your author page, readers can even sign up to get email notifications from Amazon when you release new books.

Having an Author Central page doesn’t require using other Amazon services. All that’s necessary is that one or more of your books is for sale in any way on Amazon. From there it’s simply a matter of letting Amazon know that you’re the author and following the prompts to set up the page.

Consequentially, publishing on Amazon isn’t hard at all, if you follow the steps, adapt to the procedures and identify the best most effective mode/medium of publishing for your particular needs. Everyone’s self-publishing needs are unique and different, so choose the model that works the best for you.

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5 Top Reasons To Hire An E-commerce Consultant

A highly trained, experienced, and efficient E-commerce Consultant under your guidance is practically a secret weapon that any eCommerce or online business owner can employ – giving you the ‘edge’ that your competitors cannot exceed.

So regardless of the size of your business, you can never overlook the importance of getting an extra set of hands to take the burden off you!

With the ever-evolving world of business undergoing rapid technological changes, it is crucial that companies around the globe – particularly those in eCommerce – understand, employ and effectively apply the power of technology and excellent customer service.

This is where world-class E-commerce Consulting Services prove to be detrimental in more ways than one! Great companies and businesses are built on a proven system; constant, efficient, and productive without the hiccups! The same goes for any successful, viable, and effective small business – be it on a local or global scale.

So the question is: can you effectively use your E-commerce Consultant for results-centric, customer-focused, goal-oriented business functions and initiatives that take your business to the next level?

Here are five reasons to hire an E-commerce Consultant in 2018:

1 – Lowering Business Costs

The revenue your business makes is for you to keep. But the costs your business incurs are for you to reduce! They go hand in hand, and a thriving eCommerce or online marketing knows that!

Unquestionably E-commerce Consultant is a great way to reduce operating costs for running your business. Why? Well. Aren’t operating costs one of the biggest things small business owners always worry about? Compared to a regular or full-time employee, an E-commerce Consultant costs less because the business owner does not pay benefits.

If you compare the cost of hiring an E-commerce Consultant with a regular employee, you’ll be astonished at the price gap. The benefit? You will not have to pay any sick leave, casual leave, or any other retirement benefit to your E-commerce Consultant. You pay for the time your E-commerce Consultant works for. No work means no money! Simple!

2 – Higher Productivity

As a small business owner, you should be doing challenging tasks rather than non-core tasks, such as making arrangements for travel, sending invites for a meeting, etc.

Hiring a full-time employee for these tasks is a sheer waste of money when you can easily hire an E-commerce Consultant for these non-core business tasks. A good E-commerce Consultant can be the difference between a productive a non-productive small business. By outsourcing administrative and non-core tasks through an E-commerce Consultant, small businesses free up their time to maximize business efforts – and results!

Successful small business owners know the value of hiring an E-commerce Consultant, allowing them to spend their time only on growth hacking activities.

3 – Turn Weaknesses into Strengths

All businesses and business owners will always have its set of challenges brought on by a particular area of weakness.

With virtual assistants, you can bridge the skill gap in your small business. Gone are the days when E-commerce Consultants used to be only simple remote workers. Now, they are skilled professionals and can do a wide range of tasks.

Whether you need someone to manage social media or somebody to conduct product research for Amazon, Shopify, or eBay, you can easily hire a virtual assistant for the same.

 4- Growing Your Business

What’s the ultimate long-term goal for any business – online or offline, small or big? The goal is always growing, flourishing, bolstering, and scaling to newer, more significant heights. A company that doesn’t scale is like a flower that never grows!

It is easy to scale up with virtual assistants managing aspects of your business. And if you hire an e-commerce consultant from a different time zone, your business will be 24/7 online. As consultants are skilled professionals, you will spend less/no time for training. They will start working for you the moment you hire them. This enables you to scale up at-will, with none of the fuss!

5- Pay as You Go

E-commerce Consultants hold no Legal ramifications or Human Resources regulations to abide by, contrary to when you physically hire an employee to work in-house.

For example, you cannot just fire an employee when there is less /no work to cut down hours and save costs. However, to the contrary, you can end the contract with your E-commerce Consultants abruptly without any legal problem. In essence, you can employ a consultant on a pay-as-you-go basis, giving yourself more leverage and control.

Conclusively, leveraging the power of E-commerce Consultants effectively and proactively in the right manner via the correct strategic approach can bring many dividends to your small business both in the short and long run of things. URtasker is the leading name in providing E-commerce services. For a free trial, click here!

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How to Skyrocket Higher Sales in the E-commerce Arena with the Power of an Amazon Specialist

The E-commerce Arena

Have you ever been to the Mall of America in Minnesota? According to their website,

“Mall of America features 520 stores, 50 restaurants and attractions galore, including Nickelodeon Universe, the nation’s largest indoor theme park, and the new American Girl store. Plus, there’s no sales tax on clothing or shoes!”

Can you imagine? Average malls have about 100 stores. That means the Mall of America has five times as many stores. Does this remind you of anywhere else? Maybe somewhere in Cyberspace?
You see, Amazon is the world’s ‘all-you-can-eat’ buffet of products and any seller or marketer’s throne for kingdom-hood. With millions of transactions every day, an Amazon product is ‘your voice’ to the world.

According to Export-X: “Today Amazon sells over 200 million products in the USA, which are categorized into 35 departments.” It’s the virtual equivalent to Mall of America, in fact much much bigger. And this is why so many sellers get excited about listing their products on Amazon.

But the size of Amazon is a double-edged sword. While this eCommerce giant brings in millions of visitors a day, it also attracts a ton of competition for the products you list.

So how do you stand apart from all the rest?

This is where a qualified, specialist and truly experienced Amazon expert or service provider is crucial, one who has a proven record of progressive results. A powerful Amazon system that converts with all the right tools and elements is crucial to being an A-List Seller.

These parameters and dynamics include critical areas such as Product Research, Market Research and Competitor Analysis for new Amazon sellers, and more complexed realms such as FBA Specialization, Product Listing Copywriting, Optimization and SEO, Reimbursement Procedures, PPC Management and Customer Support for seasoned/experienced sellers.

One of the ways Amazon Sellers – both new and experienced – can leverage the power and potential of a profit-generating business strategy, is employing the brute force of an Amazon-centric Virtual Assistant agency that specializes in helping eCommerce business owners reach their highest most ‘lucrative’ potential online.

This strategic approach entails the following areas:

Product Research

Product Research is key. As a Seller, you need to know what the demand and supply are for a certain product niche or category, even before you begin to source it, let alone sell it! A specialist Amazon Virtual Assistant provider will take care of this hassle for you, saving you time, money and energy.

Market Research

It is crucial to do your Market Research in order to gauge the scope, trend and behavioral aspects of consumer needs, wants and desires. You cannot enter the market’s ecosystem without having done your homework, which can be painstakingly time-consuming as a business owner when on one hand you’re trying to grow your business and on the other, you’re stuck in its day-to-day operations.

Competitor Analysis

Your competition is your treasure-chest of knowledge. Use it! Analyzing your competitors enables you to devise your marketing, sales, operations and customer service strategy in the right direction without hitting roadblocks. Knowing your competition is like driving with a GPS – you can navigate yourself even from the tightest of spots if you know where you are.

Amazon FBA

Understanding the full dynamics, rules, regulations, procedures, parameters, and guidelines for Amazon FBA are imperative as a seller. For this reason, it is important that a Virtual Assistant you’re delegating work to is well-versed in various elements of Amazon FBA.

Amazon Product Listing

Make your listings original. It’s OK to be creative. There’s plenty of boring listings on Amazon–don’t let yours be home for content like this. For example, if you’re selling fingernail clippers, don’t give them the same uninspired content typically associated with products like this. Give it some personality and explain the benefits of using them. An Amazon product listing specialist will understand and be able to apply these crucial facets to your Amazon product listing.

Amazon Optimization

Optimizing your product listing is just as important as anything else. Powerful, potent, high volume keywords and action phrases are important for effective SEO, ranking and indexing purposes, thus facilitating the free flow of organic traffic to your product page.

Amazon Reimbursement

Refunds and Reimbursements are part of the eCommerce game, and as an Amazon seller, you’re never going to be immune to them. Reimbursements have a certain set of stipulations and criterion that must strictly be followed per Amazon’s policies. Hence, it is important to have a specialist take care of the headache and hassles for you, enabling you to focus on marketing and growing your eCommerce business rather than getting caught in the nitty-gritty of reimbursement technicalities.

Amazon PPC Management

For sellers running Amazon ads, optimizing keyword bids is one of the most important yet time-consuming activities when it comes to PPC management. Having a specialist Virtual Assistant on board that oversees and manages PPC for you is a luxury you’ll be grateful for beyond words.

Customer Support

As an eCommerce business owner and Amazon seller, your customers are your bread and butter. If they aren’t happy, even the world’s most amazing product loses its worth. The customers determine the value and depth of your product because they are the ones buying it. Keeping them happy, content and hassle-free is the key to a good, self-regulating Amazon business.

A highly adept, professional, patient and empathetic Amazon specialist Virtual Assistant will ensure all your Customer Support queries and arising issues are taken care of – without you breaking a sweat or your bank account!

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“How Can I Make Money Online by Selling on Amazon – Successfully?”

The Premise

The internet age has provided a whirlwind of opportunities for every hardworking dreamer that wants to fly without wings. Much like the infamous Gold Rush of the 1800s, the world eCommerce and internet has proven to be the holy grail for visionaries and go-getters.

With its low barrier to entry, Amazon has quickly become one of the most popular routes to business ownership. Whether you want to generate a side income or eventually scale operations to make a living off your business, one of the best places to start selling your products is on Amazon, undoubtedly!

What it Means for You

Amazon is a leading contender in the third-party marketplace industry. You can sell nearly anything and make a profit. However, doing so takes time, skill and dedication.

Here are a few of our handpicked expert tips on how to find success and make money on Amazon, if you’re willing to put in the effort:

1- Start by Building your Brand

Before you start selling your products, you’ll want to focus on building your brand. Your brand reputation is the very identity of your business, it is the mirror upon which the light of the world reflects.

You need to ask yourself questions such as: How can I set myself aside from other sellers? Who is my target audience?

Secondly, you need to first and foremost identify your niche and the products you want to sell. From there, analyze your competition to determine proper pricing, challenges, buying patterns, behavioral trends and so forth.

Quality is the soul of your brand. You’ll want to focus on delivering the highest-quality products for your consumers. Don’t forget about setting a solid Return Policy for your Amazon business journey that customers can refer to.

2 – Marketing Yourself

Setting up your Amazon account is the easy part; attracting potential customers to your page is more complicated. However, Amazon does much of the work for you, bringing traffic and buyers to your listing.

To be successful on Amazon, you simply need to know how to leverage their advantages for your own business. This includes using Amazon Sponsored Product Ads, Amazon Internal Promotions and Fulfillment by Amazon.

A good Amazon-specialized Virtual Assistant can help you to test advertising, promotions and deal opportunities, and to refresh listings and look at top 100 listings for continual research, keeping you in the loop at all times!

3 – Seek Reviews

As the saying goes, “word of mouth advertising is the best form of advertising”. This holds true for Amazon as well. How many times are we all guilty of reading reviews when shopping for items on Amazon ourselves? If you want consumers to choose you over other brands, you’ll need to make sure your reviews are positive. If they aren’t, you’ll need to acknowledge them head-on.

Always put the customers’ needs first. Respond to customer inquiries quickly, be proactive, and respond to negative reviews as quickly as possible, and go above and beyond to make customers happy

In essence, the most important thing to implement in conjunction with reviews is good customer service. A great way in accomplishing this by focusing on the product listing content, following up on emails, offering tips and usage recommendations, and maintaining a dedicated customer support team at all times.

4 – Establish Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

If you’re looking to be successful and make money on Amazon, it is important to understand the beauty of FBA. Amazon offers great quality and delivery, which is why consumers are so loyal to the company. Having Amazon on your side, organizing orders and handling behind-the-scenes work through Fulfillment by Amazon will undoubtedly attract more buyers and boost your sales.

So what exactly is FBA? It is an all-encompassing service designed specifically to meet your needs as a seller on Amazon, such as shipping items stored at fulfillment centers and handling customer service issues pertaining to orders.

Successful Amazon sellers use FBA to ensure their customers receive the most efficient service possible, without delays, hassles or unforeseen issues.

Conclusively, if you’re entering the Amazon eCommerce arena as an aspiring seller, the first things you need to do are the ones we’ve discussed above, before you start making those millions! Focus on offering the finest quality products, customer responsiveness, and amazing listings.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to selling and making money on Amazon, and its full potential is truly realized by leveraging the power of FBA for any new or experiences seller.

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Product Research ‘Musts’ We Overlook – And Never Learn!

Market Research For New Product

New ideas for products and services are conceived every day — yet many of them fail because they weren’t properly introduced to the market. Amazon product research helps ensure both that the product launch will hit the ‘right buttons’ in the consumer, and ensures that the product idea itself addresses the (often unspoken) desires of the customer.

In general, we can speak of seven different steps in the pre-launch research process: understanding the market and the competition, targeting the customer, devising a unique value proposition, determining marketing strategy, testing the product and overall approach, rolling out the campaign, and keeping track of the overall lifecycle.

Let’s consider these steps of product research before launching a new product in more detail.


Price is a fundamental decision-making factor that affects consumer buying behavior. It is a great mitigator and propagator of ‘reason’ for all of us. Price psychology, strategy, and research are absolutely crucial while assessing, creating, launching or re-launching a product. Any product.

The price of the product must commensurate with the value or ‘promise’ of the product. This is not an ’empty’ promise; it is a realistic promise with a truthful claim, based on the company’s agency’s industry-relevant experience, technical skill, proven value, and consistent credibility.

It is imperative that every entrepreneur or company researches this important and most fundamental element when it comes to their products or services. Studying market trends, industry patterns, competitors and even newcomers – is absolutely crucial in gathering vital, proactive and effective pricing data.

High Demand – Low Competition

Firstly, you can identify a product niche or a gap in the market that isn’t already covered. Alternatively, you can identify the products that are already in high demand and capitalize on these markets.
The problem is, while the process of identifying a gap in the market can be a solid business move, it can also be a risky one. For this reason, we have focused on the latter approach of finding products that are already selling well, if you said a Seller looking to sell on Amazon or Shopify, for example.
One more factor to consider is the seasonal demand for a product. Now this will depend on whether you want to find a product that will sell consistently well all year round or something that is more seasonal. It’s also worth thinking about the shelf life of the item.
Thus, the key is striking the right balance during your research phase for the product you want to launch or sell. Focus on something that has high demand but low competition, so that your barriers to entry are minimal.

Feedback Score

If you’re a Seller on say eBay, for example, The Feedback score is the number in parentheses next to a member’s username and is also located at the top of the Feedback Profile. Next, to the Feedback score, you may also see a star. The number of positive, negative, and neutral Feedback ratings a member has received overtime is part of the Feedback score.
Do not, we repeat, DO NOT overlook this important parameter. Your feedback score is the ‘face’ of your credibility and reputation in the eyes of the target audience. Taking it lightly can single-handedly jeopardize the viability and worth of your product, no matter how great you think your product is.

Relying on a Single Software

Diversity and Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to researching for your product in a robust, proactive and diligent manner. If you’re relying on just one software for product research, you are shooting yourself in the foot with blind eyes!
Use multiple software to increase efficiency and probability of hitting the jackpot when it comes to meticulous and laser-focused research. Softwares like Jungle Scout, Unicorn Smasher, Sellics, Amz Hook, etc. are all great Amazon product research software available online that you can use in a timely fashion.

Competitor Analysis

The beginning of an Amazon product research and launch also means understanding your competitors, and what products and services they have on offer.
Though you might believe there’s currently no competition for your new product, put yourself in the shoes of your customers and consider what they could buy instead of what you’re planning to offer.
Review those competitors’ marketing materials, and evaluate how your new offering will stand up against what’s available. Where will you excel? Which companies or products are the greatest threat to a successful launch?

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4 Ways to Effectively Use your E-commerce Consultant for Social Media Marketing

You just nabbed a great E-commerce Consultant for social media. Congratulations!

Everything checks out; their experience, credentials, milestones, proven results, and raving testimonials from clients the world over.

Now what? What matters now is how you utilize your new secret weapon. An E-commerce Consultant is essentially under your leadership, the pathway and evolutionary journey ahead depends on the vision and deliverables you put forth in front of your E-commerce Consultant.

And this is where the power of Social Media Marketing is crucial. Can you effectively use your E-commerce Consultant for results-centric, customer-focused, goal-oriented Social Media Marketing campaigns and initiatives that make your target audiences glued on for more?

Focus on communicating effectively. That is the end result you want and what your audience really expects. And this is what your E-commerce Consultant must skillfully apply in all endeavors ahead.

Some of our tried and tested personal tips on Social Media Marketing, visibility, persuasion, and building a following are as follows:

1. Knowing Your Audience Type

Your E-commerce Consultant should be well aware and deeply immersed in the psychology, behavioral patterns, and emotional triggers that make your particular brand’s audience type resonate with you!

For example, the consultant must understand that if you’re writing for regular people, use words and sentences that apply to them, not words that an Astronaut from NASA could only grasp!

2. Building a Network

Any successful online business knows one essential fundamental recipe. The recipe for growing a network. That recipe starts from the very first brick towards building a network that stands the test of time. And this is where your E-commerce Consultant diligence, professionalism, skills, and overall ability to gather data + communicate it is utmost critical!

Effectively building a network on Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, Discussion Boards, Industry Forums, and a plethora of other avenues is critical in leveraging the power of the internet and merging it with the beauty of Social Media.

Email lists, consumer outreach, and other online initiatives ensure your network grows, cement, and viably resonates with your value proposition as a business. A good E-commerce Consultant will make ample use of each avenue and exploit it to the nth degree!

3. Complexity in Simplicity

Your E-commerce Consultant should be able to turn complexity into simplicity – ensuring all audience types pertaining to your business can understand and grasp information – successfully!

If you’re talking about a technical topic, say it most straightforwardly without the jargon and fluff. Your E-commerce Consultant must be able to not only gauge this invaluable skill; but also apply it with zero bumps and hassles.

4. Managing Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are one of the most lucrative business facets any online business can employ. It has far more reach, conversion rates, and overall mass appeal than other social media platforms.

Hence, understanding its depth, substance; and intrinsic value in a proactive manner is a crucial trait every E-commerce Consultant worth their salt must embrace! Managing your various marketing and social media advertorial campaigns on Facebook in a timely, proactive, and results-driven fashion is the very lifeline to consistent revenue.

A great E-commerce Consultant will manage time, resources, study trends; and audience patterns and successfully be able to utilize your ads budget for maximum throughput!

Conclusively, E-commerce Consultant for social media marketing is about evoking emotions and thoughts – in a long-lasting manner; while constructively utilizing the tools and resources at one’s disposal. This is where a capable E-commerce Consultant’s true colors shine, and this is precisely how you need to implement your e-commerce consultant skills in a guided and goal-oriented manner.

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6 Crucial Things A Successful E-commerce Consulting Agency Must Have

In the world of business and commerce, it is important to believe in the compelling might of innovation and disruption. Disruptive Innovation is a form of social; technological, commercial and humanistic alteration that spearheads creativity with a revolutionary approach in every sphere of our lives.
With the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of business going through tremendous technological changes, it is imperative that companies around the globe – particularly those in the E-commerce Consulting Services – understand, employ and effectively apply the power of technology and great customer service.

The great E-commerce Consulting Companies will offer a full range of administrative, receptionist, social media and web development services at your fingertips.

It will employ E-commerce specialists who have amassed years of industry experience and specialize in serving all kinds of global markets, industries, and niches. It will harbor a top-notch team and all-encompassing platform to whom you can feel confident in delegating your work; knowing that it will be done: accurately and on-time!

Here are 6 things that successful E-commerce Consulting agencies must possess, and which you should be aware of while hiring an e-commerce consultant!

1. Professional Tools and Resources

E-commerce consulting agencies thrive on the power of professionalism. The presentation of your work, as well as things like your invoicing and business correspondence, should reflect your professional nature. A professional website (preferably with a domain-specific email address), billing and invoicing software and time tracking and scheduling tools like Time Doctor and Google Calendar that is essential to getting your job done in an efficient and timely manner.

While hiring an e-commerce specialist, you should do your due diligence and research on the e-commerce consulting agency to ensure that its consultants employ the power of these highly robust resources and tools in order to gain benefit for your business.

2. Strong Client Relationships

Most e-commerce specialists agencies are clueless about this part, and naturally, the consultants have also lacked this insight. Interpersonal communication is a crucial element for e-commerce specialists. Let’s face it, email exchanges and web conferences don’t help to build the kind of strong interpersonal relationship a consultant should have with his or her client.
To truly develop a rapport with a client; a consultant must consider the things that they can do to make the client’s project easier. It’s important for the eCommerce consultant to always have the client updated with what’s being done and why it’s being done!
Good E-commerce services will empower and train its consultants to learn the clientele’s business. So that a valid contribution can be made to the overall functioning of the business without hiccups.

3: Dedicated Professional Work Space

It’s concerning how most self-proclaimed professional e-commerce consulting services lack a dedicated professional workspace.

As a business owner scouring the internet, looking to hire a consultant, it can be confusing and truly overwhelming to set apart a good e-commerce consulting agency from a make-belief one. We understand that!

Hence, one of the major problems that digital assistants face is their non-work lives interfering with their work. The best way to deal with a situation like this is to have a dedicated work area such as a home office. Having all your equipment in one dedicated place that is sequestered away from the rest of the house; does wonder for a consultant’s productivity and is far more conducive to the type of work a dedicated e-commerce consultant does.

This is why a reliable E-commerce consulting agency will harbor a physical office; well-equipped with all the latest technological and organizational office facilities.

Since the e-commerce specialist industry is a 24/7 world; it is important to look for an agency that stays true to this mandate by being open 24 hours a day – regardless of geographic time zone – from Monday to Friday.

4: The Power of Referrals

Your business grows based on referrals. When you’re looking for professional E-commerce consulting services; it is imperative to look for one that is proactive when it comes to understanding the value of referrals.
For e-commerce consultants worth their salt, it is critical to treat each task as an opportunity for drumming up referrals. The best way is to approach a client as soon as a task has been completed for feedback.
A good E-commerce consulting Agency will make this habit a fundamental practice for any consultant it provides you. This helps you by leveraging your business and its clients to boost your value proposition in an effective manner.

5: Specialization = Competitive Edge

The rapidly evolving e-commerce services market is becoming quite competitive both domestically and globally. Specializing in a particular field is an important quality a good e-commerce consultant must possess.
A good E-commerce consulting Agency will understand this and enable its specialists to develop skills; that can lead to becoming experts in a particular field such as Search Engine Optimization or Social Media.

Going the extra mile to become an expert in a field makes an e-commerce consultant far more suited for some positions and increases a consultants value for being hired.

For example, if your business is in the area of E-commerce; it is important to look for an E-commerce consulting Agency that is well-known in eCommerce and Online Merchant Selling as a specialized niche of operations.
Whether you’re a Seller on Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Etsy or any other platform, a good E-commerce consulting Agency practices in specializations that are applicable to you.

6. Constant Training and Refinement

Knowledge is power! That’s why; a proactive and truly professional E-commerce consulting Agency will live the highest version of its value proposition on a global scale through constant training and refinement of its consultants!
When looking for an e-commerce consultant suitable for your business; it is crucial that you evaluate the  E-commerce consulting Agency practices for measuring its consultant’s performances all year round based on various KPI facets; including but not limited to client review and self-development, etc. Is the agency consistent in ensuring this?

It’s common to see people complain about other agencies or freelancing networks; that their consultant is not responsive to or they don’t know what they are working on.

Hence, a good E-commerce consulting Agency will have a Dedicated Manager at your disposal. To ensure all things go smooth and work is delivered on time; the Dedicated Manager works as bridge between the e-commerce consultant and yourself.

The e-commerce consultant industry is highly competitive. As human beings, we are creatures of emotion. We thrive on emotion, we grow in it and we embrace it for life’s entire endearing journey.

Employing empathy and using it to satisfy the major pain-points of your customers; is a great way to not cement trust and build a brand name. The great E-commerce consulting Agency will not only do that for you; but also make your life easier by taking on work and making every task productive in a truly effective way!

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Capitalize on Fourth Quarter Holiday Shopping

Have you been sitting at your desk pondering the best way to maximize revenue flowing from your Shopify store during holiday shopping season?

Making the decision to embark on the journey of building a business is one to be commended. But watching that business flourish with exponential growth requires skill, diligence, and perhaps most importantly, vision, and foresight. Shopify has provided a tremendous platform that makes it possible for us to launch a business easier than ever, but there is still much “leg work” to be done.

While of course, making money is the motive for most, if not all, business owners; when to make the most money must be of high priority. People shop, and love to spend money throughout the year. But when do they spend the most money? Doing your homework, and planning ahead could open your eyes to great possibilities.

Why It’s Urgent to Plan in Ahead

The last quarter of the year is the holiday season, so it’s a very important time for consumers, and businesses. The last two months of the year are a particularly important time because of the many holidays, and it presents a great opportunity for you to hit your marks with all the splurging, as well as get rid of the surplus.

However, Capitalizing on the opportunity that the holiday season brings can be difficult. Maintaining the day-to-day operations, and constantly grinding to keep your business alive can be taxing, and that can lead to being unprepared for big events down the line. And you don’t want to be the business owner who misses out on the holiday shopping due to lack of planning.

When To Start Planning

As the saying goes, “better late than never, but never late is better.” Apply that to running a successful e-commerce business by knowing when to do your planning. For example, last year, 2016 do you know what period of the holiday season was peak time in shopping? If you’ve already started preparing for the holiday season this year, you would know that Google Trends shows that in 2016, November 23-26 was the peak time for shopping.

You could look at past years to accurately depict your current year outlook. Have you missed important shopping periods like this in the past? The only way to assure that you’re well prepared to capitalize is to plan accordingly.

Upcoming Holiday Shopping Schedule

As you now know, the last quarter of the year is a major one for your business. For you to take advantage of what the holiday season can mean for you, you must first gain an understanding of what days all of these holidays are on. Check out the 2017 fourth-quarter holiday schedule:

Other fourth quarter (non-official) holidays include:

Green Monday, December 12, 2017

Free Shipping Day December 15, 2017

Note that November and December are essential months for you, and shoppers.

 Top 10 Shopping Times & Top 5 Slowest Shopping Times

*Source: ShopperTrack

How to Prepare for the Holidays

Now that you know why it’s important to plan for the holiday season, let’s move on to how to prepare yourself, and your business. You must first create a holiday marketing plan, and there are a few components that go into a well-organized plan of attack.

Before you set out to execute your marketing campaign, you need to plan a few crucial parts. Here’s what you should accomplish to stay ahead of the market, and ready for the holiday splurge:


-Choose which holidays you want to capitalize on

First, you’ll need to narrow your focus, and wisely choose the best holiday that your business would be most competitive, and successful at. As previously noted, the last two months of the quarter are especially busy. Deciding to participate in all of the holidays in this window would be absolute chaos.

Strategically, make a wise business decision.

-Develop a Promotional Calendar

After choosing a holiday, start organizing things. The holiday season is extremely busy, so staying organized will only make your efforts that much easier, and can ensure your marketing success.

A promotional calendar enables you to visualize, and plan out the necessary steps you need to take to carry out your campaign. Your promotional calendar should include information such as:

  • When you start/stop ads on promotions
  • Days and times you will deploy emails
  • Days and times you will update your site

-Product Research

Knowing the specifics, and potential of the products you sell is essential. Doing your homework on the products that you could add to your holiday inventory could rake in major bucks.  Some of your product research should include:

  • What products are most appropriate for your store on holidays
  • What new items are currently trending
  • History of top-selling products

For example, for 2016, top-selling products included:

*Source: Business Insider

  • iPads
  • Samsung 4K TVs
  • Drones
  • Legos

-Your Shopify Store Must Be Optimized

Your store should be visible, and easily accessible for current, and especially potential customers during the holiday season. There are many stores with a digital presence. And more, and more people are shopping online during this peak time.

Therefore, you will need to be creative in getting exposure for your store. Use keywords that accurately describe what you offer, and make it easy for people to find you.

Let the virtual assistants for Shopify build and optimize store for maximum conversion. 

-Promote Your Store

Facebook Ads- A great way to target your audience with your promotional material in a relaxed, social environment. It takes barely any time to get your ads to go live on Facebook, and there is a bunch of training material available online.

-Instagram influencers

Yes, it’s the social media age, and you should take full advantage of it. Online Consumers love images, and Instagram is most known for its image shares, and uploads. Instagram Influencers are bonafide Instagram users with the most followers who will promote your product for you, reaching millions of people.

-Build Email Lists and Follow Them Up

Your email campaigning is important.  If you have experience in this area, you understand how much planning it takes when preparing your emails. You’ll want to strategically plan your emails in advance, and according to your promotional calendar. If you gain leads via email marketing, be sure to follow up with your potential client.

Click here to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION CALL for Email marketing for your store

Virtual Assistant

Acquiring virtual assistant services allows focussing primarily on the day-to-day operations of running your store. Once your business takes off, and the inquiries start rolling in nonstop, accomplishing everything we previously discussed can become a daunting task. Our Virtual Assistant Services will accomplish the goals you set forth in getting your Shopify store prepared for a major holiday season.


The marketing of your store should be just as important as the launch of your business. Little to no one has built a fruitful business entirely by themselves without the help of even one other person. Marketing your business requires professional assistance. Our virtual assistant services will have you well on your way to financial success. The fourth, and last quarter is a very important time of year for you. The stats don’t lie. More, and more people are shopping via e-commerce, and spending boatloads of money during November, and December especially. Let’s tap into that.

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