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Maximizing Your Potential as a Freelancer in the eCommerce World

The growth of eCommerce worldwide has created an unprecedented demand for all types of freelancers, including graphic designers, copywriters, photographers, and marketing experts. It has also created intense competition among freelancers looking to take on new clients.

For freelancers looking to offer their services to the vast e-seller market, it’s not enough to simply be good at your job. You also need to be able to market yourself, i.e., provide something unique that gets potential clients to take notice.

Here, we’re going to be covering some of the major ways to help you stand out from the competition and maximize your potential as a freelancer working in the eCommerce world.

Take a Variety of Jobs

As a freelancer, one of the worst things you can do is get pigeonholed into a specific job type. While it makes sense to become an expert in a specific field, e.g., technical writing for electronics, you don’t want to limit your options for future work. Diversifying your portfolio – product writing for children’s toys, for example – tells potential clients that you’re capable of handling a variety of jobs.

Maintain Your Portfolio

Showing potential clients that you work consistently is a great way to get noticed and build up your reputation. The simplest, and typically most effective way of doing this is by updating your portfolio with a variety of past works to show that you’re capable of handling different projects. Freelance photographers, for example, should incorporate into their profile different types of pictures they’ve taken (product shots, portraits, outdoor pictures, etc.).

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

Just like most people don’t like buying a product without first reading a review, most e-sellers won’t take on a new freelancer without first reading what their previous employers thought of them. For freelancers, that means asking your clients to leave a review on your website or profile after every job you complete.

But try to avoid having negative feedback that will surely let don your newcomer client and create a vicious circle of suspect and trust.

An important note: Don’t be scared of a less than five-star review. Nothing but perfect reviews can look suspicious to potential clients. They’re most concerned that you’ll be able to handle the work that you’re contracted to do, and that you’ll do it efficiently. As long as your reviews convey these points, you’ll be fine.

Manage Your Time Effectively

Central to the tips outlined above, and one of the most important ways to maintain your freelance career, is effective time management. Every job is different, and every client has their own unique needs. For each new project, you take on, make sure to budget time to learn about the product being sold, as well as for last-minute revisions and changes.

As a freelancer, remember that the client is always right. The only way to get quality reviews and solid additions to your portfolio is by making sure that they’re happy, so don’t take on more than you can handle and plan your time accordingly.

Getting Paid

Once you’ve made a name for yourself as a freelancer, the next step is getting paid. That’s where Payoneer comes in.

Payoneer receiver accounts allow you to get paid in a variety of currencies straight to your Payoneer account. These funds can be withdrawn to your local bank account or at ATMs throughout the world. Need to pay another Payoneer customer for work they did for you? No problem – you can do so for free.

Interested in learning more? Click here

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Growing Your Amazon Business to 6 Figures – Consistently!

E-commerce is one of the best and most effective ways to earn windfall returns on investment. The Amazon online platform offers the perfect tool to attract a great number of qualified leads. Sellers always want to learn about their Amazon business growth to 6 figures. The digital arena is full of online marketing tools that can be harnessed to generate a large number of online leads.

Social media advertising, search engine optimization, online forums, press release sites, PPC campaigns, influencer marketing, using the Amazon algorithm in your favor, ranking products high, and business directories are just some of the few online tools that can be used to funnel a maximum number of visitors to your Amazon product listing.

However, when it comes to hitting the magic 6-figure revenue number, what are some of the core steps an Amazon seller must take in order to make the dream happen? After all, true magic begins when the dream of a 6-figure income is realized to its fullest!

So, let’s dive in with some strategies, shall we?

Build a Powerful, Unique Brand

Before you start selling your products with the hopes of reaching 6-figures, you’ll want to focus on building your brand. Your brand reputation is the very identity to your business, it is the mirror upon which the light of the world reflects.

You need to ask yourself questions such as: How can I set myself aside from other sellers? Who is my target audience?

Secondly, you need to first and foremost identify your niche and the products you want to sell. From there, analyze your competition to determine proper pricing, challenges, buying patterns, behavioral trends and so forth.

Quality is the soul of your brand. You’ll want to focus on delivering the highest-quality products for your consumers. Don’t forget about setting a solid Return Policy for your Amazon business that customers can refer to.

Improve Your Ranking

It is utterly critical that you understand the importance and crucial role of rankings on Amazon. They are the money shot! They are what can make or break a great product and prevent you from earning profits that could have been rightly yours!

Fill out as much of your product listing page as possible, using as many keywords as possible. Use FBA to automate customer satisfaction.

Find ways to encourage customer reviews, engage with the happy or disgruntled customer by being honest and sincere, and do everything you can to keep your customers satisfied at all times.

Above all: More sales = higher rankings = more sales! That’s the cycle.

Moreover, ranking on Amazon is easier than ranking on Google because you’re essentially cutting the work in half. They only use internal factors to determine how a optimize Amazon products listing. Backlinks, social media, domain authority. These are all things you don’t need to worry about on Amazon.

World Class Customer Service

Establish Friendly Engagement with your customers. Sales, marketing and running a successful business in the real world (be it online or offline) is all about building rapport, cementing trust, creating a sense of camaraderie, instilling respect and evoking interest through empathy.

If you can accomplish that with your prospective clients or current customer base, you will win their brand loyalty for years to come. Why? Because as with all human beings, the ability to showcase compassion, care and genuineness are key pillars upon which any human interaction is built, let alone business!

Be friendly, while keeping your conduct professional. Be empathetic while maintaining your business objectives and not compromising your values as an establishment.

Whether its issues regarding returns or refunds, dealing with bad reviews, or shipping/delivery issues, your communication with all your customers- past, present or future – should be one of utmost professionalism at all times.

Keep Abreast with Amazon’s Changes

Amazon is an ever-evolving organism; a unique ecosystem and habitat that is constantly changing and developing with the metamorphosis of the global E-commerce trends, economy, supply and demand, and consumer buying patterns.

You need to make sure you are well-informed at all times of the ongoings and happenings that occur if you want to seriously aim for that 6-figure income mark as a professional seller.

For example, Amazon recently made new changes on the back-end keyword and sponsor ads regulations/stipulations. Now if you weren’t staying informed with such changes as a seller, you would have never known critical data and crucial information that could make or break your product sales and overall business function.

Build a Strong Team

Success and high-income goals are never a sole endeavor. You need to learn how to leverage and harness the power of your Amazon business growth via a skilled, reliable and experienced team.

Building a competent team that shares the same values, breathes the same passion and envisions the same hunger for success as you are key! Hire people by doing your research and spending time/resources in selecting the best fit for your business.

Keep Adding More Products

This is a no brainer really. It’s logical to say that more products mean more opportunities to sell, greater audience reach, larger market share, and higher profits.

If you’re aiming to reach the coveted 6-figure income mark, you need to consistently invest time, research, money, effort and energy into identifying, sourcing and selling hot products.

Add them to your brand repertoire and capitalize on great marketing strategies to make more people buy them – consistently!

Use Social Media

Social media is the very pulse and heartbeat of modern E-commerce. You cannot ignore the power of social media and expect to reach 6-figures as a seller. Utilize all avenues of consumer outreach and marketing such as Twitter, Google SEO, Binge, Instagram, Pinterest. Facebook and Blogger websites.

The greater number of social media platforms your business effectively utilizes to promote your products, the more people you will reach, the more chances of them clicking on your product pages and eventually the higher probability of them purchasing your products.

Moreover, a strong social media presence gives you the credibility and legitimacy you crucially need as an established, serious and quality brand and boost your Amazon business growth.

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How to Choose a Profitable Product to Sell on Amazon FBA?

Amazon is a leading contender in the third-party marketplace industry. You can sell nearly anything and make a profit. However, doing so takes time, skill and dedication.

Amazon offers great quality and delivery, which is why consumers are so loyal to the company. Having Amazon on your side, organizing orders and handling behind-the-scenes work through Fulfillment by Amazon will undoubtedly attract more buyers and boost your sales.

So, let’s first take a look at what exactly is FBA?

It is an all-encompassing service designed specifically to meet your needs as a seller on Amazon, such as shipping items stored at fulfillment centers and handling customer service issues pertaining to orders.

However, the tricky part now is choosing a product that will sell. A product that actually has a high demand and probability for sales. How do you determine that?

Product Research and Its Importance

Product research is key. As a Seller, you need to know what the demand and supply are for a certain product niche or category, even before you begin to source it, let alone sell it!

In fact, according to statistic and studies, more than 40 % of online business success depends on the right product being sourced. Now that is a huge chunk that can make or break the success of a product. Hence why it must not be taken lightly.

Product Research Criteria

Every research strategy must employ a set of criterions that the findings rely upon. The same applies to research for your products. The two major criteria to focus upon are:

  1. High demand, low competition
  2. Low demand, low competition
  3. High demand, high competition

In either case, studying your competition in the niche or category of your product is crucial. Your competition is your treasure-chest of knowledge. Use it!

Analyzing your competitors enables you to devise your marketing, sales, operations and customer service strategy in the right direction without hitting roadblocks. Knowing your competition is like driving with a GPS – you can navigate yourself even from the tightest of spots if you know where you are.

Naturally, as an Amazon seller, you won’t bother with any product that has ‘low’ demand. Because anything with low demand will automatically also have low competition (since nobody is silly enough to invest their time, energy and costs in sourcing low demand products that nobody wants). This eliminates the option (B) automatically.

So logically, a smart Amazon seller will target options (A) and ( C) through the life cycle of his / her Amazon FBA business.

Important Factors in Criteria Selection for Products Selection

Research To Find What Is Already Selling On Amazon

One of the fastest ways to learn how to find a product to sell on Amazon is to look through the Amazon Best Sellers List in different categories to find out what is already selling.

By looking through the Amazon Best Sellers List, you’re able to get an idea of the top 100 products that are currently selling on Amazon, to give you ideas on what products to sell.

Using Online Tools

If you’re looking for some tools or resources to help you how to find a product to sell on Amazon, then a good platform is Jungle Scout. It is a powerful software that will make your life much easier in helping you do all the research you need to find profitable products – it’s worth the investment.

Criteria Selection Process

However, if you want to find the best products to sell on Amazon, then you need to look at more than just something that you are interested in promoting.

The deeper you look at how you will sell your products, the easier it will be to begin to make the sales you want to build your sales.

It’s not only the product you want to look at selling. It’s also how you will sell it and who you will reach. When you start following a different criterion, then it will help you to build a successful promotional channel.

The criteria consist of the following:

  • Make sure the product is light and relatively small (not more than a few pounds), as this will make a big difference in the cost of shipping your product.
  • Find a product you can sell for more than $10 and will have at least a 30-50% profit margin.
  • Look for a product that is simple and won’t break easily or have complications, as otherwise, it can result in refunds or customer complaints.
  • Find a product that is relatively inexpensive to make (this will depend on your budget).
  • Pick a product that you can stand out some way in the market with, or you can find a better product to sell on Amazon in that market.
  • Find a product to sell on Amazon that you will be somewhat interested in or passionate about.
  • Think about your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th product. Think about the bigger picture, the market, and niche you want to get into, and ultimately the brand you want to create.

Note: Make sure to order multiple samples of your intended product for sourcing, when you contact the supplier overseas. For example, Ali Baba has many highly ranked suppliers who will be obliged to send you free samples before you place an order.

The Power of Productivity with Skilled Virtual Assistants

Whether you’re a small business online or offline, you can never overlook the importance of getting an extra set of hands to take the burden off you!

With the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of business going through tremendous technological changes, it is imperative that companies around the globe – particularly those in eCommerce – understand, employ and effectively apply the power of technology and great customer service.

This is where world-class Virtual Assistant Services prove to be detrimental in more ways than one! Great companies and businesses are built on a proven system; constant, efficient and productive without the hiccups! The same goes for any successful, viable and effective small business – be it on a local or global scale.

The benefits are tremendously great!

Research and Analysis

Urtasker is a leading and globally renowned e-commerce virtual assistant agency that provides cutting edge, groundbreaking and truly revolutionary back-office support to e-commerce sellers, business owners and vendors on multiple online channels such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and

With a fully in-house process of hiring, training and vetting its services for all its valued clients, the company empowers e-commerce businesses with hassle-free, cost-effective, trusted outsourced business solutions world-class virtual assistant services.

One of Urtasker’s proven accolades entails increasing a U.S based client’s sales by 20% in a mere 3 months. Another compelling milestone in terms of results entailed increasing the total sales for an online e-commerce company by 40% within a 2-year window. Book A Free Consultation Call

When you have a skilled Virtual Assistant doing all the research and analysis for your product selection, criteria and sourcing, you’ll also be continuously on top in terms of routine competitor analysis, latest consumer trend-watching and all the other administrative workload you don’t need on your desk!

So, book a call for the professional Amazon listing services.

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Marketing Your Amazon FBA Business – Effectively!

Marketing Amazon business is a powerful tool every seller should learn. The internet age has provided a whirlwind of opportunities for every hardworking dreamer that wants to fly without wings. The world of eCommerce and internet has proven to be a lucrative arena for those who want to benefit from the promises it beholds.

In fact, with its low barrier to entry, Amazon FBA is one of the most popular routes to business ownership.

Hence, whether you aspire to generate a side income or grow operations to make a living off your business, one of the best places to start selling your products is on Amazon FBA!

Here are some tips on how to effectively market your Amazon FBA business the right way!

Increasing Views & Appearing on Amazon Search Results

Amazon has a powerful algorithm. Understanding how it works is very crucial!

It’s not necessary to know the details of the algorithm— because Amazon does not disclose that information—but it’s critical to identify the very elements that go into constructing it.

  • Pricing: Change up your sales tags up and down every few weeks. This will keep your listing fresh (your repricing software can help with this).
  • Availability: How many of a certain product you have left in stock shows up on your page, letting buyers know if you’re pricing it to sell or pricing it by market standards.
  • Selection: Users may think they know what others search for, but they don’t because Amazon guards this tidbit close to their chest.
  • Sales History: Where you rank matters on how much you sell, that’s it. Amazon doesn’t care about anything else but how much money passes hands.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising on Amazon

PPC marketing campaigns can work wonders for audience visibility, product advertising, and eventual sales conversions. If you’re not using PPC already, you must!

How do you go about devising a powerful PPC Marketing Campaign?

  1. Use keyword tools to check the demand.
  2. Structure and organize your PPC keywords.
  3. Include negative keywords in your first PPC campaign.
  4. Know your budget and work backward.
  5. Research the competitive landscape.
  6. Write better ad copy.
  7. Create a powerful and relevant call to action.

Setting Up Amazon Search Optimization

Ranking in Amazon search results is a big boost to your product listing visibility and sales conversions.

Applying a robust, proactive, well put together marketing Amazon business and SEO strategy is sure to rank your listings higher. A higher ranking means higher audience attention, which directly translates to higher clicks on your listing.

Here are the basic steps you need to undertake in order to instill the Amazon SEO to your product pages:

  1. Follow the Image Guidelines and Upload a Good Amount.
  2. Focus on Your Product Title.
  3. Use Bullet-Point Content Form and Focus on a Description.
  4. Actively Work to Increase Your Amazon Reviews.
  5. Use the Sponsored Products Feature.
  6. Fill Out all the Relevant Categories.
  7. List an ASIN in Your Product Field.

Influencer Marketing Amazon Business

Getting influential people online to market your products is a strategy that reaps rewards unflinchingly. For example, many well-known Instagram influencers have an all-encompassing global audience reach in millions. They are always willing to consider good products or brands market – for a fee.

This is where budgeting is important. You need to know what your realistic budget is. Influencers usually charge per post, which may always change depending on the agreement you strike with them.

The next step is approaching them. Something as simple sending them a DM on Instagram, to emailing them or connecting via the contact form on their blog/website will get you a reply.

Once you get the reply, spend as much time as you can in sharing your product details, features, benefits, the USP of your brand and how you think it will help the masses.

Giveaways & Deals on Offer Sites

People love good deals. It’s human nature.

Everyone wants to save a buck or two. It gives them a sense of satisfaction and ‘triumph’ that they otherwise wouldn’t have gotten had they paid full price for the same product elsewhere.

This is why tapping into the ‘good deal’ psychology from a consumerist viewpoint is key! Use it to your advantage. Showcase your products on deal offer websites such as Overstock, Wish, Groupon, etc.

Not only will you get a few sales, but you’ll also get wider audience visibility on other platforms, which will help to bring in traffic to your Amazon product listing. Moreover, remember that the best form of advertising is word of mouth.

So if people like your products of a deal offer website, they will recommend you to their friends and family, who will automatically happily buy from your main Amazon product page because they are already ‘sold’ on the value of your product.

Copywriting a High-Quality Product Listing

While you do need to incorporate keywords to tell Amazon what your product is about, you shouldn’t sacrifice ‘quality’. Humans also have to find ‘value’ in the copywriting you write before they will convert into customers.

Yes, having exceptional rankings on Amazon is a priority, but Amazon isn’t the one with a credit card in its hand – shoppers are!

When prospects scroll through the search results, they glance at the information including the title, image, price, and more. There has to be something there to capture attention or, with the swipe of a finger or click of a mouse, your listing will be out of view, never to be seen again.

Even if you do get a click to your product listing, if your well-ranked page doesn’t offer solid details that “inform, entice, and persuade”, your sales will still be lacking.

There must be an even balance between “ranking criteria” and “customer experience”. In essence, you’re serving two masters: Amazon and shoppers. But the difference is that the latter of the two is the one paying for your product.

Hence, hiring a professional Amazon copywriter to write your listing Titles, features/benefits Bullet Descriptions and the actual Product Description itself is utmost crucial! Keep that in mind!

Conclusively, in order to grow effectively and scale your Amazon FBA business, it is important that you delegate administrative work functions to a professional Virtual Assistant service provider.

This takes the load off you, so you can focus on your business instead of being ‘stuck’ working in it!

Urtasker is a globally renowned and internationally acclaimed Virtual Assistance agency based in New York, the USA that helps businesses benefit, grow and profit in the online E-commerce industry through specialized marketing, expert technical and skilled operational services by handling all functions of your Amazon FBA business.

From Amazon SEO and Ranking to Copywriting your Product Listing, to running PPC campaigns on your behalf, Urtasker ensures that you are ‘covered’ in every way enroot to increasing revenues and sales like never before!

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What Are the High-Profit Business Tactics Used by Successful Online Sellers

Do you dream of becoming a successful seller and knowing business tactics in the growing E-commerce marketplace? Do you want that juicy chunk of pie that everyone is vying for?

Well, the good news is: it’s not rocket science. If you’re looking to start a consistently profitable, self-regulating and ever-green online business, there are certain strategic tactics a successful online seller must practice on a consistent basis!

We’ll look at a few of them in detail below:

Know Your Competitors

This doesn’t mean taking them out for a date, nor does it mean trying to learn their favorite kind of TV show or chocolate. It simply means knowing who your competitors are, and what they are offering. This crucial place of knowledge can help you to make your products, services and marketing stand out better, stronger and far more powerful than what’s out there currently.

Moreover, it will enable you to set your prices competitively and help you to counter rival marketing campaigns with your own unique and effective initiatives.

Knowledge is power, as the saying goes.

Hence, knowing, understanding and analyzing your competition will provide you a wealth of knowledge and an ocean of information. This will automatically place you in an effective ‘vantage point’ to make your products or services more ‘appealing’ and visible to the same audience that you and your competition are vying for.

So what should you know about your competitors? Here are a few areas you can do your investigations on:

  • The products or services they provide and how they market them to customers
  • The prices they charge
  • How they distribute and deliver
  • The devices they employ to enhance customer loyalty and what backup services they offer
  • Their brand and design values
  • Whether they innovate – business methods as well as products
  • Their staff numbers and the caliber of staff that they attract
  • How they use IT – for example if they’re technology-aware and offer a website and email

Always a Step Forward

This means always staying ahead of ‘the game’. Yes, game! You heard that right. How? Well, as discussed above, the online selling and E-commerce market is a big, cut-throat and competitive arena of several players who are competing against you for the ‘same’ audience you are trying to sell your products or services to.

Hence, adopting an innovative approach, a ‘think outside the box’ strategy and visionary foresight will allow you to always keep moving forward in the race. A small step forward in the right direction is a hundred times better than a step forward in the wrong direction.

Keep in touch with industry news, consumer behavior and buying trends, attend trade shows, conferences and seminars if you can, stay abreast with what’s going on in the online selling marketplace, talk to your customers on a daily basis and learn from your mistakes! These are some of the ways you can keep stepping ahead with a foot in the right direction.

Research and Pre-Planning

Starting a new or growing an existing business is a little like buying a car: You need to conduct informed research before making the decision.

For example, first and foremost, you need to figure out if there’s demand for your product or service. Then you go over a competitive analysis, while at the same time looking for a place to set up shop. And finally, you create a proactive and educated plan to differentiate your offering from all the other products or services that are out there.

Research is key! The best online sellers with the best business professional tactics are the most tenacious researchers. Like miners, they dig, drill, dynamite, and chip until they have carloads of valuable ore.

Ready to Adapt

The fast past and rapidly evolving world of E-commerce and online business is always changing; always on the move; always undergoing a metamorphosis. This is part of the online ecosystem and business habitat.

Which is why it is utmost crucial that as an online seller you learn, develop and perfect the ability to adapt to the environment. Entrepreneurs and E-Commerce guru who cannot adapt to change are those who get left behind.

Be consciously ready and accepting when it comes to adaptation, stay open-minded, be flexible in how you view things, be willing to take criticism and undergo overhauls or revamps to your business and processes when/if needed.

Spotlight Your Weaknesses and Strengths

Do a complete SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis of yourself and your business.

It is important that you know, understand and embrace your weaknesses and strengths. Not being aware of either, is like shooting darts in the dark and hoping you hit the target. If you are self-aware of your weaknesses, you will automatically work on them for improvement. If you are aware of your strengths, you will effectively utilize them to your advantage.

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Bright sale presentation slide template

Listing Mirror Is The No. 1 Multi-Channel Ecommerce

We’ve become so thoroughly engrossed in the internet age that we don’t call it that anymore. It’s become commonplace, expected even, that if you’re running a business and you’re running it well, then you’re relying on the internet in some capacity.

But things move more quickly in the digital age, as well. As soon as the world gets comfortable with some program or technology, a new version comes along and shakes everything up. It can get especially hectic if you’re trying to manage online sales. Just as working with the top online retail space becomes routine, a new giant comes along and chomps down on some of the market shares. Suddenly, it can feel as though you’re missing out. But that’s where eCommerce comes in!

If you’re ready to be present on more than one platform, then the good news is that you’re not alone, and software developers have been working for years to tackle this exact problem. Multi-channel listing software can do the heavy lifting for you. Read on to learn more about how multi-channel listing mirror software like Listing Mirror can help you.

Amazon or eBay?

This used to be the eternal question. To which of these internet behemoths do you entrust your sales? Do you go with Amazon’s unbeatable market share and omnipresence, or eBay’s unique sales methods and branding-friendly interface?

As we mentioned previously, you no longer have to choose where to place your resources. You can expand your business to as many online storefronts as you feel, and without the stress headache, you might be expecting. Multi-channel eCommerce is within your grasp.

Listing Mirror and the magic of synchronization

Like all things in life, you get what you pay for. There are a lot of different companies popping up with their own multi-channel listing software, and it pays off to partner with the right one. Nonetheless, Listing Mirror tops the list for many reasons, perhaps most notably for its greatest strength: synchronization.

Syncing all your listings at once allows you to place your products on many sites across the internet without any hassle or potential inventory disasters.  Listing Mirror can be a lifesaver, especially for smaller businesses which can’t spare the human resources to keep track of a dozen different listings for the same product. Here’s how it works:

Syncing Orders

Are you hesitating to expand your online horizons because you’ve become comfortable with one fulfillment process? Maybe you use Fulfillment By Amazon and don’t want to mess with figuring out how eBay or work. Don’t worry, Listing Mirror has you covered! When you sync your listings through Listing Mirror, you can rest easy knowing that orders from all channels are fulfilled by the program of your choice. That’s right, with Listing Mirror you can fulfill orders on eBay using Fulfilled By Amazon. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Syncing Inventory

This might be the most important service Listing Mirror provides. It keeps track of how many units you’ve sold across all your platforms and automatically updates them. This way, you won’t ever find yourself in that disastrous situation where you’ve sold more units than you have available. And on sites like Amazon, where you may find yourself promising same day shipping, overselling can become a big problem really fast.

With Listing Mirror you’ll have one catalog to handle, and that catalog will go out to all your listings. You’ll save time, money and manpower.

Syncing Copy

Listing Mirror automatically updates more than just your orders. When you add or update a product listing, those changes can be pushed out across other online marketplaces from within Listing Mirror. Now, you’ll never have to worry about adding new products to each site individually. This will keep your storefronts and branding consistent.

Synchronized but not identical

Every online market is a little different — that’s what allows them to coexist. People who are used to eBay are looking for something a little different than those who frequent Amazon. On the other hand, attracts a complete type of customer. Sometimes sites specialize in certain products; other times, customers are simply seeking a different UX.

In any case, each channel has a unique customer base, and you don’t want to miss out on any of them. Listing Mirror understands the differences in the major listing sites and will tailor your listings to fit each site you use. So while each channel listing is synched with all the others, they’re not identical clones. Each is optimized to be the best listing it can be for the channel it’s on.

Don’t miss out on a single site

Give Listing Mirror a try today. There’s no time like the present. It’s risk-free for two weeks, so you’ve got nowhere to go but up!

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Ketan Kutlerywala

Learn how Ketan Kutlerywala used Urtasker to grow his business.

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How to Start a Shopify Store (Updated 2019)

We decided to write this article after spending almost 6 months studying and starting a Shopify store and Facebook Ads. During this tenure we searched for every possible Shopify expert, looked for online shopping courses and watched more than 100 YouTube videos, we did a lot but still, we would say that it’s not enough. But something is better than nothing, so let’s share some of this valuable information with you folks.

We will be focusing on, what actually is Shopify? How you can start a Shopify store? How can you boost in this field by joining facebook pages and groups? Which youtube channels you must subscribe?

To get the answer to all these questions, stay connected to us:

So, lets’ start with what actually Shopify is and from where it was started? Shopify was launched by Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake in 2006 as on online shopping platform. With its rapid growth, the company was able to hit the benchmark of $15 million in 2011 that was boosted to $100 million in 2013. That’s the turning point when everyone tries for starting a Shopify store and in 2016 there were around 275,000 stores on Shopify.

After the introduction let’s come to the next question, how to start a Shopify store?

On Shopify, you can use three models to make money

  1. Drop-Shipping
  2. Print on demand
  3. Own Brand

Drop Shipping: The easiest way to start at Shopify is drop shipping, as you just have to use your supplier product to advertise them to the right buyers. When you convince your buyer to add your supplier product to the cart, your supplier will just send the product to the shopper. Off course there is a lot more but we have briefly described it. Some of the well-known suppliers are AliExpress, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, etc.

Most of the beginners start here but we don’t think so that it’s the right way to start.

Print-on-demand: It’s also quite simple, you just have to print your design on shirts, hoodies and other clothing. This model is a bit more effective as you are selling your exclusive designs but one drawback is that every design costs you around $15, as you have to hire a professional designer for it. You can find fulfillment partner like Teespring, Gearbubble, SunFrog, Custom Cat.

Own Brand: We recommend it as the best way to starting at Shopify store. It requires a bit investment but the sky is the only limit in this model. If you have some loyal customers along with some stable sales don’t think much, just introduce your brand to the virtual market.

But before you dive in, we must endorse you to follow these things, if you want to be successful. We strongly recommend you to not to directly register to Shopify or create a business Facebook page, even don’t ask for a Shopify course. Instead, go to youtube Shopify channels, join Facebook groups related to Shopify, think of the niche you are looking to build your store around.

Now the question is how to find the right videos and Facebook groups as you will find thousands of them on the internet. You don’t have to worry, we had done a lot to do research and watched almost every video related to Shopify.

Now we will introduce you to the best Facebook groups and youtube channels that you must subscribe to. But you have to keep your mind open to collect as much information as you can.

Starting with the Facebook groups:

  • Cener Shopify Mastermind

It’s a closed group started by a serial entrepreneur located in Los Angeles, Justin Cener. The main focus in this group is on the model print-on-demand, you can also find the number of their own courses in this group as well.

  • Ecom Think Tank

Run by William Stark, a well-known beard guy who mostly tells his bedtime stories. We liked him much because he is quite friendly and will guide you in the best way regarding any of your issues. You will find all members really co-operative there and the best part is you will find a lot of information in this group regarding any of your queries.

  • eCom Dudes Academy

It’s an open group run by Dan Da Silva. He is a young guy who just made over $1,000,000 on Shopify and now endorsing his Academy. You can find a lot of friendly experts in this group as well; as Dan is among the most famous Shopify coaches.

Now let’s look at some of Shopify experts you must follow on Facebook

  • Ezra Firestone

The man behind, he is adding millions of dollars to his wealth with every passing year, you must follow him to get the best tips for making money on Shopify.

  • Peter Chan Jr.

Student of Justin Cener, we recommend you to follow him as well, as he made thousands of dollars via demand o print. One better thing about him is that he makes videos from time to time to answer the most helpful questions.

  • Dan Dasilva

One of the most well-known Shopify guy and one of the activist marketer right now. It’s worth following him as well.

YouTube channels you should subscribe to

There are a lot of informative videos about starting a Shopify store out there but some crap videos are also uploaded which even don’t deserve any attention. We have gone through most of them, so we don’t want your time to be wasted, we will keep you on the right track.

You can go in any sequence to watch videos on these channels, just have a look at these channels:

  • Franklin Hatchett
  • Till Boadella
  • Jeff Mills
  • Mohamed Ali Aguel
  • Peter Chan Jr.
  • eCom Dudes
  • Ben Malol
  • Anthony Mastellone
  • Casual Ecommerce
  • Kingpinning
  • Justin Cener
  • Dan Dasilva
  • Devin Zander

Moving on, now we can talk about some of the Shopify experts that offer courses and coaching:


Created by Chris Record and his associates, claiming to have over 60,000 plus members, Chris is a very good promoter and speaker, he has the capability to sell you anything and if you listen to him he will convince you to join his course. He will guide you about the basics of Shopify and working of Facebook ads. It is somehow good for the starters but most of his information is already available on the internet.

Till Boadella

We found him in Youtube search results and the thing we liked about him is the idea of posting a video every day of questions asked by readers regarding Shopify. You can buy his course for$97 but we recommend you that you can find a lot of good information from him for free so better not to buy his course. You can also ask for a one to one coaching session to him, which he charges for $297.

Ezra Firestone

Among the leading eCommerce experts in the world, a well-known person is Ezra Firestone. He is working in the field of eCommerce for over more than a decade. He owns and operates several businesses with incoming of 7-8 figures. One of his most successful projects is Smart Marketer that offers you 6 different courses. The thing that we observed is that if you want to get the most out from him, you have to make him your special guest.

Jon Mac

One of the leading coach and entrepreneur from Canada, with an income of $4,000,000 on Shopify is Jon Mac. It’s worth listening to him as you will get a lot from him and you must also subscribe to his training webinars.

You can also buy his two courses for $1,997 – The Goldmine Method and The Flex Method

How to save on your first Shopify store

 For the beginners, starting a Shopify store is the best platform and it just takes a couple of minutes for signing up and you don’t have to face any hurdle before you get it right. The things have changed a lot and you can have all in our palm via your cell phone.

Shopify offers you 14-day free trial, during which you can set it all and sell products profitably on Shopify. After that you have to go for any of the payment plans, most of the people go for $29 per month, but we can help you save money for this as well by using 60-day free trial instead of 14. You can find discount coupon codes from most of the Shopify experts out there, for your ease we have searched some for you:

There are Shopify experts out there with discount coupon codes and you can use them without any obligation, you just need to know where to find them. But don’t worry I have done it for you already, here they are:

  • “Always Listen to Mo” Mohamed offers 60-day free trial too.
  • F6S members can use 60-day free trial
  • Tecademics experts offer a 30-day trial and 50% off select Shopify plans for 2 months.

Summing up our words as the length is getting too much, but too be honest there is a lot more that we can share with you but don’t worry we tried our best to provide you with the best of everything that we find online during our research. We recommend you not to purchase any course unless it’s too much necessary as you can find a lot for free over the internet. You can go through the youtube videos, read comments and can also ask questions on Facebook groups. We have guided you to the right path and now it’s your turn to follow it.

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Tips to Avoid Negative Feedback on eBay (Updated 2019)

Got a negative review on eBay? Looking to remove negative feedback on eBay? Here you are, stay with us to get some tips to avoid getting negative feedback on eBay.

Firstly you have to know about the eBay feedback system; it is basically based on a member to a member evaluation system that moves your wheel in the online commerce market. You are recognized by the feedbacks you get from your customers. Sellers having a great number of positive feedback are most likely to get more attention to new customers.

Also, sellers get Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR) based on item descriptions, communication, shipping time & shipping cost. If you get high DSRs you will most likely to enjoy higher rankings and more earnings on eBay.

New Feedback, New Strategies for eBay Sellers

In the start it was in practice both sellers and buyers give each other good ratings to avoid being blacked marked; that result in artificially inflated ratings.

But now the things have changed, buyers can’t get negative feedback from the seller that gives them an open platform to give their feedback about the seller without any fear.

Before the start of any transaction, first of all, make your detailed product listing, define your terms and conditions that lead to positive feedback.

During and after the transaction remain fully intact with your customer in order to get a good review.

Here are some tips, how to do so:

1 – Clear and detailed product listing

Your customer is not seeing your product; it’s your description that defines your product to your customer. Write a clear and detailed description of your product to provide your customer with every question that may arise in their mind regarding your product. Your detailed description is the first thing that can lead to customer satisfaction.

2 – Use clear and sharp pictures

Remember your customer is not holding your product in his hand; you only have description and pictures to guide them about your product.  Use multiple high-quality images, most preferably of the actual product you are selling as it gives a bad impact to the customer when he receives a product that is different from the picture displayed online. Try to take pictures from different angles and try to buy cheap hosting of eBay to post several images as you can only post one free picture on eBay.

3 – Mention everything added in the Shipment

If your selling products contains several pieces or required some installation, write each and everything about it. It’s better to take pictures of your box with each item laid nicely.

4 – Cheap Shipping

On eBay, you get the benefit of “Best Match” search system that provides you with the lowest shipping. After your product delivery, send an email to your customer to remind them about free shipping and in return ask them for good feedback.

5 – Define your shipping time policy clearly

In case even you are running a small business on eBay and don’t deliver your products daily, you must write it in your policy that your products might take 5 business days for delivery. It’s not an issue that you don’t deliver your products daily, but it is necessary to mention it prominently on your product listing so that buyers must know about it.

6 – Easy Return Policy

You must accept returns from customers if there is any fault in your product to get positive feedback from your customer rather than not accepting return and getting negative feedback.

You must not charge any return fee instead you can ask them to share shipping cost with you. The best policy is to mention that the buyer will pay for the return shipping as you will be paying for product delivery shipping.

7 – Quick response to Emails and Messages

You must always be connected to the internet and must reply instantly to any massage and emails received from your customers. In case you have any bad news or don’t know the exact answer, still, give a quick reply.

You can simply reply with a small massage that “I have read your message will look into the issue and will reply back shortly”, you will be appreciated by your customer.  Think like a customer, won’t you hate it if you send an email and don’t receive any response at all.

8 – Put a Nice Feedback Letter in Your Shipment

Along with your product add a nice letter letting them know that their issue will be resolved if they have any problem. Ask them to get in contact with you (provide your contact details in a letter as well). The main reason for it is that the customer will be satisfied that he is buying a product from the right person who will help them out in case of any problem.

9 – Ask to give you Feedback

Don’t get feared by your customer feedback, ask them openly to give you feedback. Let them show that you want your customer satisfaction. Your existing customers will really like this and will ignore small mistakes of you. Best is to send a stamped postcard of self-address to get feedback or you can send an e-mail after your product delivery to give feedback.

10 – Get in touch with customer before canceling an unpaid item

Once a customer adds your product to cart and commits to buying it, your transaction will be counted. It means now your customer can leave feedback to you and the Final Value Fee will be charged by you. In case you don’t get any money from your customer, you can ask eBay to refund your fees by filing an Unpaid Item Dispute. But before filing a dispute, ask your customer about it and if he doesn’t want to buy you can mutually cancel it. For non-responsive customers send three reminders and after that, you can continue with your dispute.

11 – Give shipment tracking number to customer

Buyers want to know about the status of their shipments. Whichever shipping provider you are dealing with, make sure you keep a track of the shipment. It’s quite good if you let your customers know about the shipment tracking number so that they know about the exact delivery date.

12 – Give freebies or refund shipping for a return

If you feel that you have done something wrong that might frustrate your customer or make him unhappy, to avoid getting negative feedback provides him with free shipping or give some freebies like free samples or coupons for their next shopping. Patrons love free shipping and it will do a lot to make your angry customers happy. This techniques best works for returned shipments.

13 – Resolve customer problems to make them change their feedback

eBay has introduced a new feature that allows sellers to ask their buyers to revise their feedback but you can’t do it for all your reviews, you have a limitation of 5 requests per 1,000 feedback.

While submitting your feedback revision request, you will have the following options to give your customers along with a small message box for providing a small explanation.

  • I resolved a problem the buyer had with this transaction
  • The buyer confirmed that he or she had accidentally left the wrong Feedback
  • Other

This system is an updated version of the previous “mutual feedback removal” feature that allows sellers to extort customers to give them only positive feedback, which inflated every seller’s feedback rating.

14 – Reply negative feedback immediately

Whenever you receive negative feedback on eBay, respond to it immediately. In those case especially when you can’t change your customers’ mind, even though you can sort out their problem but still answer them at your earliest.

When you reply to a comment it will give you a chance to give your clarification and if you don’t respond to it, you will give a really bad impact on your new shoppers. You will be assumed as the worst on the site by the patrons, who even don’t reply to customers complaints.

15 – Move on Quickly

Don’t just live with the negative feedback on eBay, move on to make your products selling better. Your business is a moving wheel, so just keep it on the track and do as much as you can to make your customers happy. Positive feedback will be synced down by positive feedbacks if you have done well to fix the problem and responded to the negative feedback.

16 – Block Bidder/Buyer List

If you are facing problem from buyers or any sellers you have bought something from and received negative feedback from them, just put them to the blocked bidder list. By doing so, you can avoid retaliatory bidding and in further purchases that may cause much trouble than their worth.

Hope so you find the avoiding tips about negative feedback on eBay quite useful; do share your feedback with us. Thanks!!!

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Bright sale presentation slide template

10 eBay Selling Tips to Maximize Your Profits (Updated 2019)

Sometimes you had a messy house or a workplace, having a lot of things that might not be useless and you just stacked and stored them. Like one of our friend who was in love with old Nintendo systems and video games, he has a huge bulk of old Nintendo’s and games with him. It seems a bit ridiculous to us but he had something else in his mind. He used to buy old broken/faulty Nintendo’s and video games from eBay, repair them, clean them up and after that post them again for sale with a good profit margin.

eBay Selling Tips

With his Nintendo venture, we came to know about plenty of good eBay selling tips. So, we decided to share it with you guys, to help you maximize your profit on eBay. We have applied these tips as well and earned a huge profit in short tenure.

1 – Know When to Use eBay

For maximizing your profit the first step is to opt for the right place. You must get knowledge about eBay and other available options like Amazon, Craigslist or other small commerce sites. For the eBay you have to be very selective for product selling, you can sell items on eStore like:

  • Item that is easy to ship
  • Popular products (to attract multiple bids)
  • Rare items (for customers who can’t find your products elsewhere)
  • Items that can be sold online easily (don’t sell items that require a hands-on experience)

2 – Choose Your Words Wisely

At the time of posting your item on eBay, you have to play with the words very carefully, to choose the right set of words for your product. You should start with a concise title using as many descriptive words that can be effective to keep you on top of the search results for most of the searches related to your product. The more expressive you will be for your product the lesser you have to deal with the buyers questions.

For an effective keyword, you should use all the terms that can describe your item in the best way. Like for “Xbox 360” you can use the title as “Xbox 360 Video Game Console System Controllers.” You can also make a search on eBay to check out titles of similar products with a lot of customer feedback.

3 – Be Honest

It is being absorbed that most of people think that to be honest regarding your product can be handy and may cost you money. But we have immersed that to be honest can build trust to shoppers on you that will ultimately result in good reputation of you on eBay, helping you in boosting your sale and earn more money on eBay. In the virtual market, your reputation is the key factor in generating sales.

eBay has helped sellers by generating feedback option to encourage buyers to give repute with their valuable words for the sellers. People are most likely to complain against you if you had lied to them and will also give you negative feedback that can destroy your repute in the virtual market.

It can be easy for you to gain sales by selling faulty products at a lower price but that cannot be effective in the long run.  We have seen many bidders who look for refurbished or reconditioned items that can be fixed up but it gives a really bad impact on buyers to see items in poor condition. So, always show the true picture of your product on eBay.

4 – Create a Professional Listing

eBay Selling tips is more about professionalism you show to gain more trust. For platforms like eBay, before posting make sure you have written down complete description along with sharp clear pictures of the product. You can also use eBay’s listing generator to minimize your time with organized templates for your listings.

To make your listing more attractive make use of bullets and numbering. Try to be concise with more informative lines, instead of being too wordy and covering a lot of space that might distract your customer.

5 – Take Good Pictures

Don’t be just mad with the images, keep quality instead of quantity. Images are the main tool for generating sales but you must not use more than 3 images per items. You should take pictures of your product from a different angle to represent it in the best way to the customers. Better to take pictures in sunlight with a neutral background, instead of taking it in your messy room.

Note: if your item had any defect you must take pictures of it and display it on eBay.

6 – Set the Right Price

The main thing to be in the run with the competitors is to set the right price for your product. If you have a popular product in the list, start with price as low as $9.99 or even $0.99 and as the demand for the product boost in the market, you can increase your price. If you have a product that is less desired or obscure you should set the price at the lowest level that you are willing to accept. Don’t be stagnant with the price; keep on changing the price as the big giants in the field don’t want the small entrepreneur to get involved in the field.

7 – Choose Start and End Times Wisely

Time is also a very effective factor in boosting your profit; start with doing your auction at night. Statistics show that most of the online shoppers buy in evening hours and weekend nights are the most profitable nights. As you will be charged ten or fifteen cents for your scheduled auction by eBay, but this worth the expense as you get the most out of it.  But also keep in mind, various time zones for your shoppers. You need to be aware of powerful business tactics for your E-Commerce business to uplift your business.

8 – Be Clear About Your Policies

To avoid any kind of confusion or misunderstanding and to maintain your reputation, your policies should be clear for each and everything regarding your product including returns and shipping as well. It’s better to spend your time on some other customers for selling instead of dealing with one upset customer who keeps on asking useless questions, to avoid such hassle be clear with your policies.

You should add a seven-day return policy that requires your customers to pay half of the shipping cost. Most of the customers will don’t take a chance to your product if they know that they can return your product free, but when they have to pay half of the shipment, they will most likely to take a chance with your product.

9 – Ship Smartly, and Don’t Inflate the Cost

Another eBay selling tips include is about Cost. Most of the buyers’ mood turns off when the see “penny to buy, $40 to ship” and inflated shipping costs. When shoppers see any unreasonable price they will not even go for your product. We recommend that if the actual shipping cost is too low, don’t even charge it to a customer and bear the loss yourself. Free shipping policy is too catchy for most of the potential bidders.

If you are dealing with fragile items, you should pack them securely before shipping. Buy some bubble wraps (better to buy in bulk to get low rates) or in the worst case, you can even use newspaper for packing your item, for stuffing you can use a paper shredder to shred some old papers. While packing your item you must also keep in mind that some packages might get wet in rain, so for items like clothing, books or any other precious items wrap them nicely in plastic bags.

Our friend uses USPS Priority mail that is convenient for most of you, especially for not big items. Mostly it costs around $8 and takes around 2 to 3 days for delivery and the best thing is that they provide free boxes and taping for your shipment. For international customers, ask for their country shipping rules and expenses before you finalize your shipping expense with your shopper.

10 – Practice Good Customer Service

In the online community like eBay, it’s not a big issue to provide the best customer service for a long period of time. We suggest you, not to be among those sellers who forget about maintaining a strong relationship with the customers, be the one who does his best to provide the customers with paramount services.

As soon as you receive a query from your shopper, reply to it at your earliest. Getting a reply makes your customer satisfied that you are looking into his issue and you will soon resolve his issue. At the time of shipping send shipping tracking id to your customer and let them know that their shipping is on the way along with the invoice. This effort will be really appreciated by your customer.

While dealing with your customer be polite and use a friendly tone for the conversation, just as you want yourself to be treated in any store. Show some leniency to your buyers in some special conditions that are within your policies but never compromise with terms of payment and always go for the transaction through as it will be secure for you. It might be expected to face some fraud if you deal outside eBay.

Here you are!!! Hope so you find these eBay selling tips useful and will implement them when you will start your eBay business.

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