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Shopping on Amazon is fantastic, but it’s not great if your packages get stolen or lost. You can lose money and be blamed for the loss. It’s important to know what Amazon does when you report a package stolen or lost so you don’t accidentally blame someone else for it. If you want to learn more about this policy, keep reading! Amazon Stolen Package Policy is as simple If you receive a package that has been stolen, Contact customer service right away, please.


If the package sender has contacted you and needs to speak with someone else about an issue, please advise them of what happened so they can be reached as soon as possible.

Amazon will refund any charges made to your account after a lost or stolen package. If you believe your order was delivered by mistake, try contacting our customer support team at help@amazon.com.

How to handle a stolen parcel

  • If you are the person who owns the package, contact customer service at 1-888-280-4331
  • Report the theft to local police and file a report with UPS or FedEx if you think it was stolen from your front porch or garage.
  • Try to track down the package if you can’t find it immediately. If possible, ensure your tracking information is correct before contacting Amazon. They can use that information when locating your item (though their system will still generate an alert).

If nothing comes up in tracking services like USPS’ website or UPS’s app after all this happens.

Calling Customer Service

If you have a question about your Amazon.com order, contact customer service at 1-888-280-4331.

You can also contact Amazon customer service by chat through the website or email if you prefer not to use the phone number.

What is Amazon’s policy on lost packages?

Amazon’s stolen package policy is an obvious and straightforward policy regarding lost packages. If your package is missing or stolen, you can file a claim with UPS or FedEx to get it back. To do so:

Your order number and other information will be required; choose whether or not you want to contact them directly through email instead of submitting an online form submission (you can still do both).

  • You will then receive an automatic response via email, letting us know they received your request and asking if there are any additional details they need before they can help further!

How do I report a stolen package using Amazon’s stolen package policy?

To report a stolen package, you can call customer service at 1-888-280-4331. You can also register your package online via the “Report a Missing Order” feature on the product page for your order.

Contact them if you need more help or have additional questions about reporting a stolen package. 

Getting a refund when your package is lost or stolen

You can claim if your package is stolen or forfeited for a refund. To do this, go to your order history and click on the order that was lost or stolen. You will see a “contact us” button at the top of this page. Click on it and follow these steps:

  • Fill out an email form with as much information as possible (the tracking number, your address, etc.). Make sure you include details about how long ago you ordered from Amazon (if known) and any other relevant information about what happened, such as whether it was delivered or not; whether there were any signs of tampering when it arrived; etc., so Amazon has enough information to process your refund request properly!
  • In the screen’s bottom right corner, under the heading “Send Request For Refund,” click “send” after completing all required fields in a single sitting (this won’t take more than 30 seconds).

How common are stolen Amazon packages?

The number of Amazon packages stolen each year is not known. However, it’s estimated that approximately 1% of all shipments are lost or damaged by the carrier being late in delivering them.

In addition to the above statistics, they have a few other facts about stolen Amazon orders:

  • An estimated 50,000 items are stolen from Amazon homes across America daily. That’s more than 4 billion packages lost per year!
  • Over 800 million items were shipped through Prime Now last year—that’s over 10 million packages per day!

Amazon stolen package policy—what happens? 

If your package has been stolen, Amazon will investigate. They may contact you directly or send a representative from their customer service department to discuss your case with you.

Amazon will also offer assistance in filing a police report and claims with carriers. Of course, you can also file a claim through the airline directly if they are involved in the situation (like UPS). Still, it is recommended that you contact Amazon first, if possible, as they can assist with any further questions regarding this process—and doing so can help speed up the process significantly!

How can I protect my packages from theft?

  • Use a delivery service that includes tracking.
  • Ask the shipper to put a signature required on your package.
  • Take advantage of delivery services that demand a signature.
  • Use a private mailbox or post office box (if you have one). It’s important to note that Amazon does not guarantee delivery by these methods. Still, they can provide some peace of mind if you have them available and are comfortable with the added expense and risk involved in placing your package inside someone else’s home or business instead of directly into yours, where there is no risk of theft or loss.* If you don’t have access to security measures like these, consider getting an alarm system installed at your address so that if someone tries breaking into it, they’ll get caught immediately!

How many Amazon packages are stolen each year?

The number of packages stolen each year is between 1-2%. This number can range from 0.01% to 0.3%, but the average is approximately 1%.

In general, package theft is more common in high-crime areas like urban and rural areas with poor education levels. It also happens more frequently during significant holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving because people have more time to commit crimes (tiny children).

You can get help and refunds when your package is stolen or lost.

If your Amazon package is stolen or lost, you can get help from the Amazon lost package refund policy: 

  • You’ll receive a full refund if the manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t cover the items you purchased (minus shipping charges).
  • If the item wasn’t purchased on Amazon and isn’t eligible for return or exchange, then it will be replaced with an identical replacement item of equal value in most cases. However, there are some exceptions to this policy: if the product was defective at the time of purchase; if you received an incorrect shipment; if they cannot verify receipt through delivery confirmation; if items were damaged during transit; and if our customer service team determines that there were other elements beyond of our power.

Amazon investigation duration

Amazon’s investigation process is not transparent. About two to seven days are needed to investigate a claim, depending on the severity of your claim. Therefore, the only way to track your claim’s progress is by logging in to your account and looking at the status bar under “Your Orders and Reviews,” which will tell you when an order was received, when it shipped out, when it arrived at its destination (if applicable), etc.

Although it could appear like a valuable feature for customers who need help with customer service issues or are dealing with stolen packages themselves, it also leaves plenty of room for error because there are many variables involved in every Amazon package delivery—from weather conditions during shipping season to how long items have been sitting on shelves before being sold off via third-party sellers on Amazon Marketplace websites like eBay or Craigslist.

In short: don’t expect clear answers from Amazon anytime soon!

Amazon tracks stolen packages

Amazon can track a stolen package. It is part of Amazon customer service.

If your package is delivered to the wrong address, they will help you figure out what happened and contact law enforcement. If your package gets delivered to a different address in the same city or even another city, then Amazon may be able to help you get that returned as well. They’ll need proof of purchase (the order number) and proof from whoever delivered it that they’re supposed to have it there (like an invoice or confirmation email).


Amazon has several policies for dealing with lost, damaged, or stolen packages. The main one is Amazon’s policy for dealing with lost, damaged, or stolen packages. If a package is lost in transit, Amazon will provide you with some compensation for the loss.

You can register a claim if your package is damaged or an insurance claim against the delivery company, and they will handle the claim on your behalf. If your package is stolen and found to be missing by Amazon, they will investigate and try to contact you directly. If there’s nothing you can do and you still need information about Amazon’s stolen package policy, you can ask them to contact them directly via email at amazonhelp@amazon.com.


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