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Our Amazon PPC Management
Increase your Amazon sales with our best Amazon PPC management, PPC Management Services, and professional Amazon Listing Services and enhanced audience outreach solutions!
  • Save time and money by avoiding spending months in trying to run effective Amazon PPC ad campaigns.
  • Our globally renowned Amazon PPC Management team creates unique and customized PPC campaigns from scratch, while also optimizing your current Amazon campaign to lower your ACOS and increase profits – consistently!
  • We execute a full Keyword Audit while monitoring and revamping your campaigns for maximum performance. The best part? You are kept in the loop throughout the process!
  • Through powerful Market Research, we provide our clients with critical customer Search Terms that are successfully converting into red hot sales for that particular product!

What Makes Us Different

We are an experienced and talented team of passionate consultants
who breathe with Amazon PPC Management.

Skilled E-commerce team

We have a highly experienced team in E-commerce channels such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and Walmart. All of our employees go through continuous training and development programs.

Cost Effective solution

There is no long-term contract and agency fee. Our outsourcing packages cover the cost of re-hiring and re-training of new E-commerce Consultant in the case of replacement your E-commerce Consultant.

Account Manager

We appoint an account manager on your account who works from day one. And responsible of your staff onboarding, performance, and daily reporting.


Our team works on your schedule, which makes contact with your onsite team much more accessible. You can reach out to us via direct US phone line, Skype, and email.
Our Services
Our Amazon PPC Management
Maximize Amazon PPC Campaigns Results

PPC Keyword Audit

  • Campaigns per product
  • Manual vs Auto
  • Keyword  ranking
  • First page display
  • Negative keyword
  • Cost per Click
  • Return on investment
  • Root cause of revenue leak

Keyword Research

  • Manual Research
  • Using tool
  • Define well ranking keyword
  • Identify search terms with low competition and high demand
  • Determine cost per click
  • Determine default bid
  • Competitor research

Build New PPC Compaigns

  • Create Campaigns ( Auto and Broad)
  • Create Ad groups ( Broad, Phrase and Exact)
  • Create PPC bidding strategy
  • Allocate budget for campaign

Compaign Management

  • Review search term report
  • Tune up campaign based on report
  • Identify new long tails keyword
  • Transfer profitable keyword
  • Identity negative keyword
  • CPC Optimization

Review and Reporting

  • Weekly reporting
  •  Cost per click
  •  Keyword ranking
  •  Total ACOS ratio
  •  Return on Investment

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