What Is AMS Amazon Marketing Services?

AMS amazon marketing services

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Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is a suite of services that marketers can use on the Amazon marketplace to help grow sales, promote their brand, and engage with buyers. It’s similar to a PPC or digital advertising platform where marketers can target keywords, display ads, and offer ads based on specific audience segmentation by advertising on Amazon. However, you’ll see some differences in terms of how it works and what marketers get out of using it.

Let’s take a look at what AMS is and how you can use it.

AMS amazon marketing services

What Are Amazon Marketing Services?

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is an advertising platform that lets you advertise your products on Amazon and reach customers via ads and sponsored links, including through search results. You can use AMS to reach a range of Amazon customers, including those who are looking for your products, those who are planning to buy, and those who are considering purchasing.

You can use AMS to promote your products across multiple channels, including the Amazon website, the Amazon app, mobile ads, the Amazon store, websites of Amazon affiliates, and social media platforms. For example, if you sell children’s toys, you can promote your products on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

How Does Amazon Marketing Work?

Unlike traditional advertising platforms where you create and run ads, Amazon Marketing Services is more of a service that you use to optimize your Amazon ads and increase their effectiveness.

With Amazon Advertising, you create ads and then choose where to run them, but Amazon controls the ad creation, distribution, and tracking. When someone clicks on that ad and visits the product page, the ad is served to that third party without the data or knowledge of who placed the order from the customer.

However, with Amazon Marketing Services, you work directly with an Amazon marketer consultant who will create ads and optimize them for you. The consultant you work with will decide when to upload your ads and will optimize them based on your requirements.

You can choose to work with a consultant who specializes in e-commerce, digital media, or other marketing niches. The consultant will then optimize your ads and serve them to customers.

Benefits of Using AMS

Increased Sales

Using Amazon Marketing Services means you get to reach more customers with your ads. Not only will you reach people who are interested in your products advertised, but you’ll also reach people who are planning to make purchases in the future.

Boost Brand Recognition

When you promote your products on Amazon, you have the opportunity to show off your brand. You can use images, descriptions, and call-to-actions to highlight what makes your unique products for advertising and help customers take an interest in them.

Targeted Audience Segmentation

With Amazon Marketing Services, you can target your ads based on specific customer groups. For example, you can choose to target ads only at customers who are planning to buy your product and are interested in the category.

Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

Amazon Marketing Services is a cost-effective way to promote your products. You don’t need to spend a fortune on traditional marketing platforms only for your ads to not get any clicks. Amazon is a huge marketplace, and if someone clicks on your ad, you’ll see the revenue from the sale.

No Competition

When you choose to promote your products on Amazon, you’re competing with other brands and sellers. I’m sure you’ve experienced having to compete with many other sellers and brands when trying to get your products noticed by customers. While this can be a good thing, it can also be frustrating. With Amazon Marketing Service, you’ll find that you have fewer competitors when you choose to advertise your products.

Limitations of Amazon Marketing

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is a platform that allows Amazon sellers to optimize their product listings and run advertising campaigns across Amazon channels. However, there are several limitations of AMS, as well as other Amazon advertising services.

Less Ad Control

Unlike traditional platforms where you determine the target audience, the creative, and where you want your ads to appear, Amazon takes control of your ads. The ads are determined by Amazon, and you have very little control over them.

Limited Segmentation

When you choose to promote your products on Amazon, you’re promoting them to a general audience. With traditional platforms, you have the opportunity to target your ads based on specific customer groups. With Amazon, the audience is more general.

No Revenue Recognition

With traditional platforms, you receive revenue when someone clicks on your ads and buys your products. However, with AMS, you don’t receive revenue until the purchase takes place. If someone clicks on your ad and decides to shop elsewhere, that’s when the revenue will come through.

Conversion Tracking Issues

With traditional platforms, you’re able to track exactly how many visitors come to your products and convert them into sales. With Amazon, it can be difficult to track conversion tracking issues. For example, on Amazon, you can’t see the source code of an ad, you can’t see the IP address, and it’s difficult to track when the person who clicked on your ad does a conversion.

Should You Use AMS?

If you want to tap into a huge audience and promote your products across many channels, then Amazon Marketing Services is the place to go. You can also choose to sign up for a free trial to test out the service and see if it’s suitable for your business.

Amazon can be a great option for businesses that are looking to promote their products. However, as with any platform, there are some drawbacks to using it. For example, while you can reach a large audience, you’ll need to make sure that they actually click on your ads. If they don’t, then you’ll be wasting your time and money.


Amazon Marketing Services is a great way to promote your products across multiple channels and tap into a massive audience. However, it does have some drawbacks, so you’ll need to make sure that you plan for these if you decide to sign up.

If you’re a small business owner or individual who is looking to drive up sales on their Amazon products and become their own boss, AMS may be the perfect solution for you.

With just a few ads, you could see more views of your products on the Amazon websites, as well as increase conversion rates, helping to boost your revenue and potentially attract new customers. It’s highly recommended that you give it a try—your business could benefit in ways that you could have never expected.


How does AMS bidding work?

AMS bidding is a form of behavioral advertising that allows advertisers to bid against each other for the opportunity to show ads on your site.

In AMS bidding, you create an ad group for each product or service you want to promote, and then set a maximum bid—the most you’re willing to pay for any given impression. When someone visits your site, advertisers with products similar to yours will bid on their ads appearing alongside yours. The highest bidder wins, and their ad shows up next to yours.

The advertiser who wins the auction pays only what it costs them to outbid all other advertisers. This means that if there are many advertisers competing for the same impression, you might see a lot of different ads on one page—and this can be confusing for visitors.

What is an automatic campaign?

An automatic campaign is a type of content marketing strategy that involves the creation of content to be shared on social media networks. The content is generated by a computer program that analyzes pre-written content and then generates new text based on the information it finds.

In this way, an automatic campaign saves time for marketers who have to deal with the constant flow of information on social media sites. It also makes it easier for marketers to reach their target audience because they can focus on creating engaging content instead of spending time generating new posts every day.

What are the types of Amazon ads?

Amazon ads are the best way to get your products in front of the right people. There are three main types of Amazon ads: sponsored product ads, headline search ads, and product display ads.

Sponsored product ads are the most common type of ad on Amazon. They appear at the top of product searches, and they’re a great way to get your products noticed by shoppers who are looking for your exact item.

Headline search ads show up in a shopper’s search results when they’re looking for something specific, like “men’s watches.” These can be very effective if your keywords are chosen carefully and you have strong images that match up with what you’re selling.

Product display ads appear on relevant pages throughout Amazon’s site—they’re usually found on category landing pages or product detail pages for similar items. They’re another effective way to reach new customers who may not be actively searching for what you’re selling but could still be interested if they saw it somewhere else on the site.

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